Future of Co working spaces in Canberra & Australia

In 2019, global workspace stated 12 percent of workplace shares in Australia are predicted to be used in flexible places of work before 2030. Depending on commercial real estate these areas encompass Co working workplaces and specialised workplaces. The expected boom might be in large part due to the reduction in operating costs and the growth in personnel sizes in corporations.

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Who uses Co working spaces?

Co-working spaces are often used by freelancers or freelancers in varying locations, for small business or for nonprofit purposes. Co working spaces allow for cost efficiency as multiple companies use the same shared co working space. Use Spacenow to find the best co working spaces in Canberra.

73 NorthBourne

73 Northbourne is one of Canberra’s most recognisable premium buildings located a short five-minute walk from the city centre of Australia’s Capital. Enjoy natural sunlight and unobstructed city views whilst being surrounded by Canberra’s leading businesses as well as a myriad of entertainment, cafes, and shops. At the onset of a new chapter in Canberra, 73 Northbourne offers an exceptional prospect for any organisation that takes pride in their business address. The office configurations, proximity to Canberra’s CBD and educational amenities combine for an incomparable opportunity for the discerning tenant. The building has been specifically designed and upgraded to deliver exceptional value to all occupants. Your guests will have a superior experience from the moment they walk through the foyer all the way up to your exclusive workspace on Level 5. With e-bike charging points, new state of the art end-of-trip facilities, and a business lounge you can ensure that wellbeing and work-life balance can become a priority.

Tench St Coworking

Regus centre in Kingston, Canberra’s oldest suburb, provides you with a professional and economical total office solution. Located in the heart of key business districts, it is suitable for all types of businesses seeking small sized fully furnished offices at an affordable price. Regus is located in Canberra’s popular inner south and is located between the Canberra railway station and the Kingston Powerhouse and is only an 8 minutes drive to the CBD. These new developments and the rise of a cafe society have reformed Kingston as one of the most exclusive suburbs in Canberra.

Marcus Clarke St – Ernst & Young Canberra

This top-quality, A Grade building is ideally located in the heart of Canberra’s Central Business District. The prominent site has dual frontages on Marcus Clarke and Childers Streets, and natural light floods in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Whether you need private or co-working offices, a virtual address or to hire a meeting room, choose from stylish spaces on the eighth floor with great views over the city and Black Mountain. The business centre is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, shops, culture and attractions. The Street Theatre, staging ambitious contemporary performances, is just four minutes away on Childers Street. Also close by are the Drill Hall Gallery and the Australian National University Library. Take a break from work and stroll the short distance to Turner Parkland or City Hall Park, or work out at ANU Sport Fitness Centre or Fellows Oval Athletic Field. There are bus stops just a two-minute walk away, at Marcus Clarke St Before Rimmer St and at City West Interchange Bay 1.

Moore St ANZ House

The 15 Moore Street Centre is located in the modern ANZ House on the northwestern edge of Canberra’s CBD. Conveniently situated 200 metres from the GPO, and 50 metres from Canberra’s main thoroughfare Northbourne Avenue, this centre is well serviced with public transport and amenities. The centre is filled with an abundance of natural light and state of the art facilities. Featuring a contemporary and fully equipped business lounge, private offices, meeting rooms, and kitchen, the Centre provides an efficient and inspiring workspace dedicated to keeping business people productive.

What should I consider when looking for co working in Canberra?

Excellent assembly rooms are critical to an effective event. When the projectors inside the room don’t work and the noise can be heard outside, it is a disaster. discover an assembly place wherein to present to customers or to work on an upcoming occasion.

The facilities are excellent

There should be a place and equipment has to be available. Are there good enough rooms for you? Are there any audio visuals that you will project? Does your system want renovation? Am I able to find an office or breakout room? How do I locate catering options in my city? All Canberra coworking venues must have functional professional equipment including conferencing equipment and projectors as standard facilities, as well as an on hand reception room with a reservation table as general functions for meetings.

The size of the coworking venue

Exceptional space, ideal for office meetings and coworking! There are 200 seats to be had at some point of the exhibitions and breakout periods. It is more suitable to apply small meeting rooms for small businesses (beneath 20 people), but require specialised amenities such as projection screens and white board equipment.

The Co working room location

It has many benefits for people to attend conferences in the CBD. Your customer or worker can also need you and your team to live in Canberra and revel in its lifestyle. If you wish to enjoy a relaxed and extra comfortable environment, you ought to strive to take them out of downtown.

Share economy

The sharing economy: Definition, examples and advantages

Shared economics have completely changed business models internationally. Spacenow is an example of a company which follows the share economy trend, by creating a platform for our ‘hosts’ to share their space with our customers. But is there anything that makes it beneficial to humanity? Can a sharing economy help reduce carbon emissions? Here at Spacenow we believe that sustainability is a benefit of the shared economy, instead of your space laying dormant when it’s not in use Spacenow allows for you to ‘recycle your space.’

Understanding the Sharing Economy

The use of property has been shared by communities for many generations, and the internet era has made the process of finding one another less difficult. Alternatively these styles of dynamics are known as share economy, Collaborative economy, and peer economics. Sharing economics allow for increased individual or organisation profits through under-utilised assets such as your empty space. Shared economies allow for the rental of empty assets such as your office space, kitchen space, event space and studios. So a physical asset can be a provider to others. Spacenow is an example of a company that contributes to the shared economy.

Tell me about the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is primarily based on the evolution of internet-based technologies within the fields of information, communications and data processing technology. The concept of the sharing economy is based totally on sharing, trade and cooperation amongst individual users in items and offerings. Can we have a shared economic system or a peer-to-peer economy? In peer-to-peer economics, individuals (a customer and supplier) directly interact for items or offerings. It is not necessary that middleman partners be involved in this.


Is the sharing economy sustainable?

Numerous sharing services offer alternatives to waste, excess, and pollutants. bike sharing sites declare that they will lessen the use of motors on roads and encourage exercise. Platforms such as Spacenow allow for the utilisation of unused area, this becomes sustainable and lowers the demand for brand new buildings.

What’s next for the sharing economy?

Share economy platforms should shift their sales to more profitable future industries along with artificial intelligence and information. Uber already operates a self-driving vehicles enterprise worth greater than $7.24 million. Airbnb partners with tourism industries and has introduced Airbnb experience services. Further, the sharing of statistics inside the marketplace is predicted to extend into new and relevant industries. Building is a space for people sharing information, resources if necessary. Spacenow has moved ahead with our new website aimed to deliver our customers a more streamlined and accessible experience when looking for a shared space.


Inform me of a co-working system in which you share expenses for the workplace area with different people. This model is specially useful to freelancers, individual commercial enterprise proprietors, or very small organisations who do not need large inventory and require much area to store the product. Spacenow offers many coworking spaces at the best prices throughout Australia’s major cities.

Extra income for providers

Spacenow permits the proprietor of a space to become a host and therefore they can maximise the value of their space with the aid of distributing it to others even as it isn’t used. You can replace or increase earnings you earned through driving or operating inside the talent market. If you rent out your house or assets you could generate passive income at the same time as finishing more exciting or enjoyable matters such as a trip to an exceptional island.

New and better opportunities

The share economy allows for access to spaces that are not usually accessible to acquire. For example many that don’t have a space to conduct a meeting for their start up business, nor do they have enough money to lease a costly rental. Peer Network enables people in this field to access the information they want without requiring them to pay large amounts for the service, and without the risk.

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