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Spacenow lists the best facilities for your business meeting. Canberra city Centre location in an idyllic panorama makes for true enterprise meetings with conference rooms to cater for smaller or midsize occasions which includes board conferences, seminars, training days, group planning and university checks. several rooms have natural lighting fixtures and each meeting area may have numerous configurations and has without problems on hand audio visual device.

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Canberra Meeting Venue Hire Guide

Canberra is a major business centre in Australia and offers a vast array of meeting spaces. There are numerous meeting rooms and corporate facilities available in Canberra.

What should I consider when looking for meeting rooms in Canberra?

Excellent assembly rooms are critical to an effective event. When the projectors inside the room don’t work and the noise can be heard outside, it is a disaster. discover an assembly place wherein to present to customers or to work on an upcoming occasion.

The facilities are excellent

There should be a place and equipment has to be available. Are there good enough rooms for you? Are there any audio visuals that you will project? Does your system want renovation? Am I able to find an office or breakout room? How do I locate catering options in my city? All Canberra venues must have functional professional equipment including conferencing equipment and projectors as standard facilities, as well as an on hand reception room with a reservation table as general functions for meetings.

The size of the venue

Exceptional space, ideal for office meetings and conferences! There are 200 seats to be had at some point of the exhibitions and breakout periods. It is more suitable to apply small meeting rooms for small businesses (beneath 20 people), but require specialised amenities such as projection screens and white board equipment.

The meeting room location

It has many benefits for people to attend conferences in the CBD. Your customer or worker can also need you and your team to live in Canberra and revel in its lifestyle. If you wish to enjoy a relaxed and extra comfortable environment, you ought to strive to take them out of downtown.

Hotel Kurrajong

Hotel Kurrajong Canberra is the ideal location for your next meeting, conference or event. Our meeting spaces are all about modern technology with classic hospitality; these rooms are flexible and have the ability to transform from focused boardrooms to cocktail parties for up to 500 guests. Make it unforgettable, where innovative design is fused with around the clock service to engage attendees and energise your event. Heighten the experience with inventive breakouts, creative cuisine and signature cocktails. Just let us know how to make your event spectacular and we’ll do the rest. Whether you’re networking, orchestrating a big day or making it an affair to remember, our event space will turn it into a sensational celebration. Hotel Kurrajong Canberra features fully adaptable conference equipment that makes business seamless, meetings memorable and special events spectacular. Creative in approach and innovative in design, we’ll engage your attendees and participants, from conferences to soirées. Our meeting rooms are energising, vibrant spaces that can be customised for both business meetings and social events, with modular furnishings, a flexible layout and well-designed seating. Features like state-of-the-art audio visual technology, an all-in-one connectivity station and easy-access power outlets help polish every presentation, while a whiteboard, flip chart and complimentary wireless high-speed internet access keeps everyone connected. Located in a converted administration wing, the Murdoch Room is named after the architect who originally designed the Hotel – John Smith Murdoch. CapacityBanquet – 30 paxCocktail – 50 paxTheatre – 40 paxClassroom – 26 paxCabaret – 21 paxBoardroom – 28 paxUshape – 25 pax.

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