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Samuel Howes
9 September
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9 September
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SpaceFinders (the name for our concierge) are specialists in making it happen where you want it to happen. They are a lovely team of enthusiastic, knowledgable and committed people that will strive to help you.

The SpaceFinders team is reserved for clients with a larger budget (North of $1000).

SpaceFinders can be reached via or (02) 9310 9210.

The SpaceFinder team is made up of three people:

Alli Abdurahman

20+ years international experience as a strategist, negotiator, teacher and mentor. Leading great sales and marketing teams to exceed revenue targets. Extensive experience in large-scale client negotiations and relationship building. Alli has international hotel management experience.

Leonie Forbes

Leonie has experience in the hospitality and events industry completing a bachelor of hospitality management in 2021. She will work closely with you to curate your event and give advice accordingly.

Making it happen where YOU want it to happen

Our website has thousands of listings to offer however, you may be after a space not easily located by simple scrolling. SpaceFinders excel at venue sourcing, the service is aimed to keep our high-spend customers happy, satisfied and most importantly with space for whatever they may need it for. Generally speaking, SpaceFinders helps our clients with big budgets so that their commitment to working with us is rewarded with our commitment, its only fair.

Who should book a space through SpaceFinders?

Our clients who are after large bookings over $1000 immediately become eligible for the SpaceFinders service. Before making a booking that is over this price call us and ask to be directed to SpaceFinders.

We have decided to make SpaceFinders exclusive for our high-spend customers. It’s a personal, devoted service that just cannot be offered to everyone. We ensure that all people who SpaceFinders work with are serious about their bookings and are satisfied with our service.

People should be comfortable making larger bookings through Spacenow, SpaceFinders will stop at nothing to ensure that you are treated with immense care and devotion.

No time to waste!

SpaceFinders understand that the clients they are working for are important, time is of the essence and requires their booking to be made promptly, that’s why we created SpaceFinders so they will not fail to deliver even when the pressure is on.

Our team will ensure that any issues that you may encounter during the booking process will be taken out of your hands to the best of their ability and solved before the issue has a chance to snowball.

We do the legwork for you; the best part is it will cost you nothing! SpaceFinders specialise in studios, locations, offices, pop-ups, flexible, meetings, events and yachts and are not limited to these categories.

Written by:
Samuel Howes
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