Published May 02, 2023



Written by Samuel Howes

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Hidden above Oxford St a unique space presented itself to many of our friends. You could find it in the center of Paddington. Renowned artist Daimon Downey channeled aura into his many pieces that perfectly filled the space, creating an essence and a vibe that many including myself were blessed to experience. This luxurious private rooftop space had a really cool, cozy yet deluxe atmosphere that is perfect for a wide range of events.

Who is Daimon?

Check out his website.

Inside Popcorn Penthouse

Tucked above Oxford Street, Paddington, the Popcorn Penthouse is a hidden gem. Once transformed by Daimon Downey, its vibrant art and plush, sunlit spaces set the stage for everything from fashion shows, magazine launches to private parties. It's where city buzz meets tranquil views, creating a unique vibe perfect for any event.

Spacenow's Impact

Spacenow turned vision into reality here, giving Downey a canvas for his creativity and the people a setting for their soirée. This exclusive space is a testament to what our platform does best: unique spaces for standout events.

Click this link to check out an interview I did with Daimon.