Published May 02, 2023

Art Meets Luxury at Popcorn Penthouse


Written by Samuel Howes

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Popcorn Penthouse

The Popcorn Penthouse, a unique space, situated in the centre of Paddington, Sydney. Renowned artist Daimon Downey has revamped this luxurious private rooftop space to create a visually stunning atmosphere that is perfect for a wide range of events.

However, the Popcorn Penthouse is not only an exceptional venue for events. How an inspired vision can transform any space into something extraordinary is exemplified here as a prime example. The purpose of this blog post is to inspire potential customers to consider what they could do with our or their own spaces and to use the Popcorn Penthouse as a source of inspiration and creativity.

We will examine the Popcorn Penthouse, Daimon Downey, and why Spacenow has been beneficial for him in this blog post. In addition, we will examine the different methods in which you can utilize the Popcorn Penthouse for your personal occasions, and furnish supporting evidence through outbound media and customer testimonials. Let us begin!

Who is Daimon Downey

Daimon Downey, a musician turned artist. Breathing life into any space he works on, his colourful and eclectic style is truly unique. Looking further into Daimon's style he is known to produce abstract and expressionist paintings which are visually delicious. Downey has earned his notoriety through collaborations with well-known fashion brands like MCM, as well as through his own fashion and lifestyle brand, Downey. His unique artistic touch has transformed the Popcorn Penthouse into an ideal space for events with visually stunning results.
Click the link above to explore Daimons page and get a better understanding of his art.

What is the Popcorn Penthouse?

Situated above our own Verona Pop Up, 17 Oxford St in Paddington, Sydney, the Popcorn Penthouse is a luxurious private rooftop space. A visually stimulating atmosphere is created by the impressive collection of original Daimon Downey artworks in the space. The perfect ambience for any event is created by the stylish decor, plush couches, and bright, sun-drenched area with which the space is furnished.

Catering to a wide range of events, including fashion shows, art exhibitions, product launches, private parties, and corporate events, the Popcorn Penthouse is a versatile venue. The Popcorn Penthouse, surrounded by trees and street views of Oxford St Paddington, offers a leafy outlook and a unique atmosphere, making it perfect for events.

How did Spacenow help Daimon?

To bring his artistic vision to life in the Popcorn Penthouse, Daimon Downey found Spacenow to be essential. Spacenow gave Daimon Downey the chance to display his unique style and creativity in a unique space exclusive to our platform. That is where Spacenow stands out from our competitors, access to unique and exclusive spaces that cannot be found elsewhere. Daimon's art belongs in a space like the Penthouse, and so does your event.


The Popcorn Penthouse is a unique event space that provides guests with a luxurious and artistic experience. This space, featuring original artworks by Daimon Downey, is ideal for hosting unforgettable events, product launches, and private parties. Why not create lasting memories for you and your guests by booking the Popcorn Penthouse for your next event? For inquiries, either visit the booking page for the Popcorn Penthouse on Spacenow or contact us.