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Cooking up big business: from home to commercial kitchens

< 1 minute read | Elly Hodgkinson

There is a new ingenious way of accessing high quality kitchen equipment for your startup food business – shared commercial kitchens! What benefits do shared commercial kitchens provide entrepreneurs and small business owners in the food industry? We’ll show you some of the top commercial kitchens Sydney and elsewhere.

Commercial equipment

It’s important to choose a commercial kitchen with equipment that best supports your business needs and goals. Professional kitchens will have catering equipment such as a fridge, stove, storage, containers, utensils, ovens, dishwashers, beverage dispensers, ice cream machines, blenders, deep fryers, toasters and mixers.


Cost effective

Whether you’re a catering entrepreneur, starting your own food delivery business, or a startup in the food industry, buying a commercial kitchen outright is too expensive. Licensed, shared commercial kitchens are the simple, and affordable solution for those looking to grow their business because they provide all the benefits of a traditional commercial kitchen at a fraction of the cost.


Company growth

Characterised by wide expanses and enough stoves to feed an army, commercial kitchens are professional, clean, and most importantly, properly equipped to produce commercial food. Shared commercial kitchens are the ideal space to help your food business achieve that early-phase growth, and transition into the commercial food industry!

The following commercial kitchens provide the ideal space to help your business grow:

Spring Wholefoods Kitchen, Bondi Junction, NSW: This local kitchen provides refrigeration, freezers, storage, commercial ovens, bread racks and tins, mixers and blenders. Amenities: WiFi, 24/7 access, onsite parking and air conditioning.

Concrete Jungle Kitchen, Chippendale, NSW: Fitted out with all those bits that you need for a small or large function, the kitchen comes with a deep fryer, grill, stove tops, fridges and freezers. Amenities: WiFi and 24/7 access.

The Kitchen, Fitzroy North, VIC: This kitchen has all the necessities including refrigeration, chest freezers, storage, parking, commercial ovens, bread racks and tins, mixers and blenders. Amenities: Gas.

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