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Have A Look At That! The “Not Bhed, Good Syze” Guy Stars In Incredibly Cringey Ad

< 1 minute read | NODA

Remember the “not bhed, good syze” guy who shot to fame a few months ago after an Instagram post from Aussie meme account Brown Cardigan went viral?

If you somehow missed the post that has now firmly engrained “not bhed” and “good syze” into the everyday Australian lexicon, check it out below.

And now, the man in the post, who is known simply as Moey Not Bhed, has turned his two-seconds of Instagram fame into a paying YouTube ad.

The 40 second spot is for peer-to-peer storage startup Spacenow and while it is incredibly cringey, it’s worth the watch, especially if you’re an OG fan of the clip.

The ad, entitled ‘Not Bhed, Good Sites’, is a play-on Moey Not Bhed’s original famous catchphrase, with the whole ad centering on the guy repeating the catchphrase over, and over and over … just watch for yourself below.

It’s really not that bhed.

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