What’s the difference between Spacenow, Secure Parking & Wilson Parking

< 1 minute read | Elly Hodgkinson

If you’re living in a major city, parking can be difficult and expensive! This can present an everyday struggle as your workplace might not have enough onsite parking, and public transport to some areas can be insufficient. Secure Parking, Wilson Parking and are online platforms that list top parking spaces Sydney and elsewhere available for rent. Here is what each platform offers!

Secure Parking enables people to rent, lease or book a car parks in Australia and New Zealand. They provide a number of searching categories, or ‘Parking Solutions’ for people to find a carpark to suit their particular needs. For example, the ‘AM Parker’ category refines your search to carparks available in the morning only. See the following list:

‘Parking Solutions’:
Club Secure AM Parker Secure-a-spot VIP
Hourly Parking PM Parker Overnight & Hotel Parking
Early Bird parking Party Parker Event Parking
Weekly Early Bird parking Monthly Parking MyValet
Weekend Parking Secure-a-spot Advantage Parker
Night Parking Secure-a-spot more


Wilson Parking enables people to rent car parks, from more than 300 car parks across Australia. They provide a number of searching categories, or ‘Products’ and ‘Features’ for people to find a car park to suit their particular needs. See the following list:


‘Products’: ‘Features’:
Wilson One Casual Parking
Book a Bay Early Bird Parking
Monthly Parking Disabled Parking
Epark Night Parking
Weekend Parking
Parking entry height


Spacenow lists affordable and conveniently located car parks for people Australia wide, and enables those with available parking to economise on space create a passive income. If you need a car park, just search by location! Here are some active listings:


Carpark in Reservoir, Victoria: The carpark in Reservoir is a 30 minute drive to Melbourne cbd, can fit medium vehicle (eg: vehicle, boat, trailer), is uncovered with no height restriction, is a secure premises with key access and costs $50/week to rent. 

Carpark in East Brisbane, Queensland: The carpark in East Brisbane is a 9 minute drive to Brisbane cbd, can fit small vehicles, is a covered space, is a secure premises with smart lock access, offers 24/7 access and wheelchair access, has multiple car spaces available (up to 6 car parking spaces available to be hired by the hour, half day, full day, week or month), and has a daily rate of $18/hr to rent.

Carpark in Bondi, NSW: The carpark in Bondi is an 18 minute drive to Sydney cbd, can fit a small car, is a covered space, is a secured premises with key access, offers 24/7 access, provides additional storage space, and costs $200/month to rent.

Bringing it together

At Spacenow, we’ve made it much easier for you to search for that perfect park. We do not provide a list of hassling options, simply search for your desired parking location, and we’ve got the rest covered! This includes amenities such as 24/7 access, secured access and storage space. Our listings offer more varied rates, and both short and long-term bookings. Who knew? There is no shortage of car parks after all! To book top parking spaces Sydney and elsewhere, visit