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The city is filled with many different types of trendy event spaces. From chic hotel venues, hipster warehouse creative spaces, New York themed garages and classy restaurants with city skyline views, it’s near impossible to say there isn’t something that will suit you in Brisbane. We know exactly how to buckle down on some unique, unforgettable event spaces Brisbane that will deliver what you need and more at your next event. Check some of our favourites here.

Why Book Event Spaces Brisbane?

Searching for event spaces Brisbane can often leave you with long lists of the same old function centres, local clubs and standard dining spaces. Nobody gets excited for those anymore. As more and more trendy new spaces open, people have begun to expect unique event spaces for every occasion. The exciting thing is that Brisbane has so many quirky and fun spots that will get your guests talking. 

It’s really tough trying to find an event space that has everything you need. Whether it’s technology and equipment, parking space for guests, or a venue that fits a large capacity without it being cramped, choosing event spaces Brisbane can be tricky. Fear not! We know exactly how to buckle down on some unique, unforgettable spaces in Brisbane that will deliver what you need and more at your next event. 

Crucial in securing an inevitable success for your event is to be well prepared for anything beforehand. Every good event planner will know to actually visit any event spaces before the occasion itself and have a feel of the environment. It’s important to walk around in your guest’s shoes and determine whether there is adequate space to ensure smooth flow around, enough bathrooms, spots for mingling and accessibility features like parking or ramps. Asking yourself such questions will see if the venue ticks all your boxes, making it closer to being the right event space.  Also important in terms of accessibility for your event is location. Let’s face it, nobody likes to go above and beyond to get to a workshop or conference that’s too far. You need to make sure your venue is conveniently located in the heart of Brisbane and easily reachable through public transport. This will ensure your guests actually arrive. Sounding a bit easier now? It’s all about taking it one step at a time, and we can show you how.

At Spacenow, we pride ourselves in being professionals in event planning. Whether you’re looking to find a venue for your next birthday party, reception, or workshop, we have a whole bunch of event spaces Brisbane ready to be booked. Keeping convenience, accessibility, amenities, and location in mind, we’ve found some great locations right in the heart of Brisbane CBD.

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The pandemic has people WFH, companies rethinking their workplace strategies, & commercial real estate players recognising the need for flexibility.

Have a budget?

The best part about shopping around for the right event spaces Brisbane is the incredible range you have. Whether you have a tight budget or some extra to spend, Spacenow can help you find something perfect for you. Use our price filter when you search to check out what’s suitable, or, if you need an extra hand, we can help you out!


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