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Why renting a good shared office space is better for your wallet.

Not sure where to start looking for coworking Brisbane spaces? Have a chat to us and we can help you find your dream dedicated desk or office space. 

The sharing economy is becoming essential in everybody’s day to day lives. From sharing houses to cars to save more money and have more convenience, it’s no wonder people are also starting to share offices. Demand for coworking spaces grow year on year, with even larger business becoming attracted to the more affordable and flexible work model.  With so much to deliver to your day to day work, coworking spaces are slowly becoming a staple in every workers life. 

Are you searching and hoping to find a practical and fun coworking Brisbane space to tackle your workload? Trying to find somewhere that suits all your work needs is becoming tougher and tougher. Not to mention renting an expensive office in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. You have to consider many things like utilities and front of house staff, no wonder businesses are starting to look at other viable options. With many different perks being put on offer at an affordable price, a coworking Brisbane space is the preference for many. 

With the flexible office market is not going to stop growing any time soon. More and more workers are opting out of traditional office spaces and looking to coworking because of its advantages. So, why is it drawing the attention of so many businesses? We’ve been harping about the high costs that come along with a city office, and it’s because of this reason that coworking offers a unique value. Shared office spaces provide reduced costs and ongoing savings in comparison to commercial leasing because there is minimal fit-outs and outgoings required. Everything from utilities to receptionists to coffee is included in the rental rate. Additionally, it’s an attractive choice because the flexibility offered with rental agreements. Instead of the years of commitment with usual office leases, commitment with coworking is usually up to 24 months. This is ideal for creatives, start-ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses because they can benefit from the flexibility and reap the rewards from changing communities. This boosts creativity and fosters cultural change and growth alongside profitability. Coworking Brisbane spaces ultimately offer you collaboration, innovation, learning and convenience all at a flexible, affordable price. Win-win!

At Spacenow, we can help you pick the perfect coworking Brisbane space. We know how to find the shared office spaces that have everything you need. With convenient city locations right in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD including amenities from internet to free coffee, we’ve made your search for the right place much easier.