Published July 26, 2022

Ghost Kitchens in 2022


Written by Samuel Howes

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For some background understanding on Ghost Kitchens read the blogpost here:

Ghost Kitchen are apart of the now mainstream share economy. Shared services provide cost effective and efficient solutions for tasks like travel, rent and in this case food delivery.

Pre COVID-19 experts had already anticipated a massive rise in the food delivery business. The pandemic accelerated this and there are no signs of it slowing down... business is cooking.

See how Ghost Kitchens are benefiting coming out of the pandemic:

Ghost Kitchens: Exclusive vs Shared

It's important to understand the difference between exclusive and shared kitchens if you are interested in working in either. Accordingly a shared kitchen has a main use which may be a restaurant or a pub. When the restaurant is closed the owner still earns as a tenant occupies the space. The tenant can conduct their own business which is usually food delivery. Exclusive kitchens will have 24/7 access for the tenant during their lease. Exclusive kitchens make it easier to operate a delivery service at any time with no restrictions. Exclusive kitchens cost more and are more suited to a serious chef or operator willing to invest more into their delivery business.

Chef Collective warehouse Coorparoo. The storefront of the new chef collective warehouse in Coorparoo.
Chef Collective (above) is a fresh entry into the exclusive Ghost Kitchen scene with their high quality kitchens available inside of their warehouses around Australia

Finding your match

When choosing a ghost kitchen be sure to address the following:

  • How often you need the kitchen space (daily could suit an exclusive kitchen more).
  • Budget.
  • Location.
  • When you plan to operate your delivery service (operating during peak times does not suit shared kitchens).
  • What food you plan on preparing (ensuring the kitchen has the required appliances).
  • Duration of occupancy (shared is better for short term).

It is important to be prepared with this information when lodging an enquiry. It will speed up the process and you wont have to waste your time with kitchen spaces that cannot accomodate for your needs.

Our Stock

Navigate to the following link if you've read enough and want to get right into the browsing:

As we now understand Spacenow offers a list of two different kinds of Ghost Kitchens; Exclusive and shared.

We are working with Ghost Kitchen companies that operate in warehouse's containing multiple kitchens for exclusive use on one site. These are Bellee, Chef Collective and RentaKitchen.


Bellee is an exciting new exclusive warehouse opportunity opening their first of many sites in Kogarah. Furthermore it is available for booking now prior to the opening. Offering partnership with delivery services and a dedicated support team. Tenants will be assisted in developing their brand and ensuring operations run smooth. Get in quick if you are interested in working with Bellee as there is not much space left.

Chef Collective

Chef Collective have numerous warehouses across Australia in most of the major cities. We list their Coorparoo (Brisbane) and Kensington (Melbourne) kitchens and will add their Artarmon (Sydney) warehouse once completed. Offering support teams that will assist in ensuring operations are running smoothly so you don't have to work with a big team.


RentaKitchen are the OG's in this area, read below their mission statement.

"With over 34 years as a professional Chef & after owning & operating 4 different national supply food businesses we recognised an opportunity in the industry to help other food businesses solve what is often a difficult hurdle to overcome i.e. finding a suitable commercial food production kitchen or sourcing a premises to build and fit out to your own custom built design. We understand your requirements and challenges, we strive to build and maintain flexible relationships with all of our tenants to the mutual benefit of all concerned."