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Ghost Kitchens Sydney

Ready to cook and create your incredible food? If you’re searching for ghost kitchens Sydney where you can let your culinary talents thrive, Spacenow can help you. There are great opportunities that can be seized with ghost kitchens. That’s why at Spacenow, we’ve made it our mission to help you out. Explore our wide variety of spaces right here.

How Do I Book the Right Ghost Kitchen?

There are so many options when it comes to commercial ghost kitchen spaces Sydney. They have become increasingly important during the past year as the food delivery trend surged. That’s why we’ve gone out and found the best Sydney has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a kitchen to use just on weekends, or somewhere to make your headquarters, you’ll be able to find all types of the top commercial ghost kitchen spaces Sydney right here. Here are some things you should look out for. 


Where will you be based? Our advice is to pick a location that’s central to a wide demographic. Usually, picking a CBD like Central, Wynyard, Parramatta or Liverpool is ideal so that you’re able to deliver to and reach a larger population. 


Working within a budget? The good thing is, there are so many great options of commercial ghost kitchen spaces Sydney no matter how much you’re willing to spend. It can depend on location and equipment available. 

It’s super easy to make quick comparisons here on our site, or get in touch with our space specialists who’ll be glad to help you out! After all, you want commercial kitchen spaces where you’re getting value for money.


Now to the most important part. You’ll need the right facilities to be able to cook up a storm! Whether it’s storage space, a combi oven, deep fryer, cool room or whatever else that’s essential for your restaurant, make sure you have them noted down when searching! Or let our team know and we’ll lead you into the right direction.

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The pandemic has people WFH, companies rethinking their workplace strategies, & commercial real estate players recognising the need for flexibility.

The Benefits:

The primary advantage of running your own ghost kitchens Sydney is lowering operating costs. It’s a much easier and cost effective method as overhead costs can be eliminated completely. Say goodbye to the whole interior design process, wait staff, cleaning and everything else. You’ll have more money in your pocket that you can instead invest into utilising cutting-edge technology to further the success of your own business.

Rent prices are also slashed. With a ghost kitchen, there’s no need to be located in the CBD. After all, being delivery based means you have a wider geographical customer base. Profitability isn’t linked with your location anymore. You can even opt to share your kitchen space, making the price tag even smaller.

Start-up time is also very quick. You’ll bring your ideas to life much quicker than a traditional restaurant. With marketing and operations basically all online, you also get more data-driven insight. You get to forecast and anticipate trends, favourite meals and the most popular menus so you can confidently trial new ideas. Customer feedback is all at a touch of a button. 

Have a budget?

The best part about shopping around for the right commercial ghost kitchens Sydney is the incredible range you have. Whether you have a tight budget or some extra to spend, Spacenow can help you find something perfect for you. Use our price filter when you search to check out what’s suitable, or, if you need an extra hand, we can help you out!


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