Permanent Desks

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How permanent desks are offering valuable benefits for businesses big and small.

Why Permanent Desks?

Flexible office spaces are becoming the solution to countless businesses, both big and small. Firstly, a key reason they become beneficial is because of the flexibility in leasing. A lot of these flexible buildings to work from offer short-term contracts and promotional packages where you don’t need to commit for the long-term. In precarious times like we’ve just experienced, this becomes essential. Additionally, establishing project spaces means you can choose from numerous locations. A lot of businesses have chosen to diversify their office locations and offer local options to their employees. This makes it convenient and safer, especially if they’re health conscious. Finally, these spaces are fully furnished and ready to move into! Just plug and play instantly.

Sounding pretty good to you? It does to us. At Spacenow, we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding the best of the best buildings to work from. We want to make sure your team is moving into a space that’s suitable for you. We’ll use our valuable connections to get you the best deals too! Here are some of our favourite Aussie office spaces.

It’s Time to Get Flexible

So many people are dreaming of moving back into the office (including us!) Let’s face it, all those Zoom meetings and phone calls just aren’t the same as in-person interaction. When working from home, you lose the element of connectivity and collaboration that’s essential for businesses to innovate and grow. It’s why so many businesses are moving employees to permanent desks Sydney.

Finding your search for permanent desks troublesome? It’s a very time-consuming task that requires an immense amount of attention and effort. We know you’re a super busy individual that has a whole tonne of other important things to get through. So, let Spacenow alleviate some of that stress for you! We’ve created a solution for you. Keep reading!