Spacenow’s Pop-Ups So Far in 2023

Written by:
Samuel Howes
9 September
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9 September
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Oxford Street

Our Oxford Street spaces have been nothing short of a canvas for brands, a platform where creativity meets elegance, an ever-evolving tapestry adorned with imaginative displays from some of the most sought-after brands around.

MECCA made a standout impression at 17 Oxford St Shop 1 with “Fragrances Makes You Feel.” A celebration of scents that appealed to all senses. Everyone walking in was reminded that the right fragrance is not just a scent but an experience, a memory encapsulated in a bottle. The air was rich with delightful aromas, weaving a tapestry of stories through the senses and leaving an imprint that is still lingering.


The Mecca Fragrance pop up is open tomorrow and Saturday – 17 Oxford St, Paddington. It’s a ticketed experience but i believe walk ins are welcome! #meccabeauty #sydney #paddington #lelabo #meccabeautyhaul

♬ ballad of a homeschooled girl – Olivia Rodrigo

Song For the Mute settled gracefully into the same space, transforming it into a haven of cutting-edge fashion and groundbreaking designs. They brought an array of avant-garde creations that spoke to the soul, pushing the boundaries of what fashion can be and encouraging everyone to find their unique voice through style.

Sir The Label has graced Shop 1 too, adding a touch of refined elegance to the space with their timelessly beautiful collections. The label brought in a breath of fresh air, encapsulating simplicity with a splash of sophistication, turning heads and stealing hearts effortlessly.

The Incognito Art Show brought the essence of inclusivity and surprise, showcasing a plethora of artworks from diverse Australian artists. Keeping the creators incognito, each piece was sold for a flat rate of $100, offering art enthusiasts a thrilling yet affordable adventure into the vibrant world of Australia’s underground art scene.

The Fresh Faces of 17 Oxford St Shop 2

Just a step away in Shop 2, Nature Baby was where tender meets trendy, presenting collections that not only looked good but felt good, nurturing your skin with the softest, organic materials, promising comfort that is also kind to Mother Earth.

(1: Song For the Mute, 2: Nimble, 3: Nature Baby)

Shop 2 transformed into a slice of tranquility, thanks to Innisfree stepping in. The South Korean beauty brand brought a touch of nature to the heart of the city, inviting passersby to pause and admire their artful window display, adorned with a curated selection of their nature-inspired products. It was like walking by a breath of fresh air; a display that hinted at the serene and nurturing experience one can anticipate from their product range. It was not just a pop-up shop, but a visual journey to the idyllic scenes of Jeju Island that underpins the brand, offering a beautiful blend of nature and city life right at Oxford St.

410 Oxford Street’s Show-Stoppers

At 410 Oxford Street, the narrative continued, a canvas of eclectic and bohemian vibes brought to life.

At its notable stint at 410 Oxford St, Nimble Activewear showcased a fresh take on activewear, blending exceptional functionality with unmatched style, all rooted in sustainability. The brand presented a lively yet relaxed collection that encouraged visitors to envision a life where comfort meets chic. Echoing the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly fashion, the pop-up went beyond being just a shopping spot, emerging as a haven that epitomized the harmony of style and sustainability, inviting everyone to be a part of a movement championing conscious living.

DEUS popped up with a chill warehouse sale that brought the easy-going yet raw spirit of their brand right to the shoppers. It was all about good vibes as people sifted through a selection of DEUS’ authentic and down-to-earth designs, picking up some fresh finds without any fuss. It was DEUS being DEUS, laid-back but with that undeniable edge that they’re known for.

Earlier this year, Spell inhabited this space for a beautiful 5-week stint, bringing an enchantment that lingered in the air with their free-spirited and bohemian-inspired collections. A perfect harmony of style and comfort, inviting us all to a bohemian rhapsody of dreams woven in threads.

And how can we forget Saturdays NYC? They came, they saw, and they conquered, bringing a wave of relaxed yet meticulously crafted pieces, giving us that perfect Saturday vibe every day, reminding us that style is a state of being, casual yet impeccable.

So here we are, having taken a walk through a year of dynamism, innovation, and sheer brilliance. Oxford Street with Spacenow’s pop-ups has been a space of creation, a space of vision, and above all, a space where dreams met reality. Stay tuned because the journey is far from over; the best is yet to come. It’s been real, it’s been vibrant, and we’ve got our eyes set forward, eager for what’s next in this incredible journey of fashion and innovation. See you there!

Written by:
Samuel Howes


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