Published February 07, 2022

Spacenow giving purpose to under-utilised space


Written by Daniel Gunning

Member since Jul 7
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Business real estate is being shaken up by Spacenow, a website designed to activate under-utilised areas like boardrooms and offices.

Co-founded by Daniel Gunning, the idea for Spacenow came about after a group of Sydney entrepreneurs saw a gap in the shared economy market for a service that offers commercially rentable space.

Redefining space and what it can be used for, the company focuses on the ethos of teaching landlords, tenants and agents with activated space how to effectively utilise it.

“If you’re a tenant, you lease a space and have access to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If there is a business that can rent your space from you outside your business hours, this income can go towards reducing your rent, which will improve your bottomline,” says Gunning.

Simplifying the rental process, Spacenow enables tenants to monetise even the smallest area and makes it cost efficient and convenient to do so. With over 25 countries utilising the platform, Spacenow is an innovative solution.

Board advisor, Malcolm Gunning told WILLIAMS MEDIA there is a lot of untapped potential in partially used business areas.

“Most businesses have desks, conference rooms, retail and industrial areas that are under utilised. Spacenow allows tenants and agents to easily use these under utilised areas,” he says.

“As business and retail accomodation increasingly becomes more expensive, Spacenow provides a secure online platform to easily turn partially used areas into income earners.

“Spacenow services an area of commercial tenancy ignorantly passed off as just too hard,” he says.

With over 25 categories spanning office, retail, industrial and hospitality such as co-working spaces, yoga and music studios through to event spaces and storage, there’s hardly a limit to the types of space being rented.

“People have been sharing their homes for some time now, why wouldn’t you want to share your workspace as well,” Daniel Gunning said.

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