Asked Questions

How does Spacenow work?
Spacenow is an online peer-to-peer marketplace where you can rent any space on demand, in a flexible way. The platform was built to connect people who need space with people who have it. In this way, Spacenow is the bridge that provides access to under-utilised assets which provides economic, environmental and practical benefits to users and hosts.
What is Spacenow Concierge?
Whether you want to host a party on an exclusive boat, rent a serviced office, showcase film talent in a private drive-in cinema or simply get your colleagues together for an important offsite meeting, we have it. With Spacenow Concierge, you just tell us what you need, and we do the hard work for you. Did we mention it’s at no extra cost? Click here to learn more!
Does Spacenow take bond payments?
Spacenow does not manage bonds or security payments.
Help! What do I do if the host/guest is unresponsive?
There’s no need to worry! At times, you may find yourself in a scenario where the other party is taking a while to respond. In such a case, feel free to contact Spacenow at 9310 9220 and we’ll contact them on your behalf.
What is the cost of listing my space on Spacenow?
Listing your space on Spacenow is completely free! Only after you have entered into a license agreement with a renter will Spacenow take a small percentage of the rent paid to you.
How do I edit or remove my listing?
You can edit your listing at any time by logging in with your user details, clicking on your username on the top right corner, and selecting ‘My Spaces’ from the drop down menu. Then simply select the workspace you wish to edit (if you have multiple listings), and make changes as desired. If you wish to remove your listing for whatever reason, log into your space, go to ‘My Spaces’, then select the space you wish to unlist. Finalise removal by clicking the deactivate button to the right.
Will COVID-19 impact Spacenow operations?
The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by every industry, including Spacenow. At the moment, the spaces and services we offer are continuously being updated and in accordance with Government regulations. We are working very hard to bring you safe, flexible and valuable space options where available. If you have any questions, feel free get in touch at
What health and safety measures is Spacenow taking during COVID-19 for Hosts and Guests?
Spacenow has gone through the long process of contacting hosts on our website to see what health and safety measures have been introduced. We want to make sure that all spaces prioritise health and go through high-grade cleaning. When you search through listings on our website, you’ll now see an icon signalling whether the host has introduced specific measures. For any hosts that wish to inform us of new regulations, contact us at
Informational Links
For more information and updates on COVID-19, feel free to visit these sites. Australian Government Website Australian Government: Department of Health Coronavirus Updates World Health Organisation Situation Reports
Who can be a host on Spacenow?
Spacenow is home to all different types of spaces. From event venues and kitchens, to creative studios and private offices, we have guests that come to us looking for different things. Basically, anyone with free space can list for free! If you have any questions, just ask us here.
How do hosts get paid?
A payment is processed through one of our secure merchants. It’s received from the guest to the host upon an agreed contract and successful booking. Spacenow will invoice a 10%+ GST commission to the host upon success. Additional fees may apply to commercial offices*. *Commercial Offices: Referral fees may also be deducted subject to agent terms and conditions.
Will my account be secure?
We take payment security very seriously. The security of cardholder data diligently follows the PCI Data Security Standards.
How does Spacenow make money?
We only get paid when you do. We will invoice and collect a 10% + GST fee from Hosts upon any successful bookings that are made on Spacenow.
What is the cost of listing my space on Spacenow?
Listing your space on Spacenow is completely free! Only after you have entered into a license agreement with a renter will Spacenow take a small percentage of the rent paid to you.
What support will I receive from Spacenow if I have listing difficulties?
The team at Spacenow is more than happy to help you out with any problems! Get in contact with us on or call us on 9310 9220 and we’ll get it sorted.
Are hosts obligated to accept bookings?
A host can decline booking requests. When you list on Spacenow, you have the power in choosing who you want to rent your space.
What should I do if a dispute arises between myself and a guest?
If in the rare case an issue arises with your guest, and still persists after trying to resolve the issue between yourselves, please contact us immediately. Call 02 9310 9220 or email
How many pictures should I upload for my listing?
We know every space is different, which is why we recommend you upload as many pictures as you think accurately communicates the size, feel and quality of your space. We recommend between three to twelve high quality images. Three images is the minimum requirement for listing a space. If you’d like to read more, check out our blog about it here.
What are my tax obligations?
Income that you earn by renting your space out on Spacenow can be declared on your annual tax return. In this case, we highly recommend contacting your accountant to fully understand what your tax obligations and deductions are. All prices shown on Spacenow are inclusive of GST. It is calculated at the time of booking and then added to the amount charged to the guest.