Published February 08, 2022

How a Boardroom style conference space will work for you


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Did you know there are numerous types of different meeting styles you can have? (You would if you’ve read our blog articles here!) It’s important for you to figure out how you want your conference space to be set out. You need to clearly understand the purpose of the meeting, how many people will be attending, and what, if any, technology and equipment you need. Today, we’re going to tell you all about the boardroom style of meeting and its benefits. Here’s how to get the best boardroom spaces Sydney.


What is it?

Often on a large, rectangular or oval table, the boardroom style of meeting is one of the most used setups. This is especially for shorter meeting sessions that are consistent. With everyone seated around one large table, it’s the option people opt for when after a face to face discussion.

What’s it best for?

Many companies have a boardroom on hand to use for team gatherings, client meetings or interviews. It’s the perfect set up for a smaller group of individuals. Most have a capacity of up to 25 people. It is extremely suitable for meetings where there will be open discussion and a clear agenda. It’s the type of meeting top executives or committees will often sit through. There’s large table space to work and enough proximity to interact with everyone. It’s probably the most classic option for a meeting.

Importance of seating layout

Whilst the boardroom style of meeting is perfectly suitable for those who seek open discussion between a smaller number of people, there are other setups that aim to do the exact opposite. This is why when it comes to booking a venue for your next meeting it is important to choose a venue that will facilitate whichever seating style you’re after. In fact, the setup is just as important as the venue itself. It will determine how your meeting goes. To avoid any obstacles that’ll disrupt the smooth sailing of your meeting, it’s important to think ahead and decide what you want in terms of communication, work space, equipment and space.

It’s time to book

Now that you have an idea of what you want your meeting to be like, you can go ahead and start searching for meeting spaces. At Spacenow, we’ve gone out and found some of the best meeting and conference rooms in every city, like the best boardroom spaces Sydney. All the amenities and services you need. We’re sure that one of our unique spaces will be the perfect solution for you.