Published February 07, 2022

Finding the best style setup for your next conference


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So you’ve gone out and found the perfect venue space to hold your approaching meeting. As the all important day draws closer, you need to figure out what your setup is going to be like. We know what you’re thinking. ‘What? There’s different styles of meetings?!’ There is indeed! Don’t fret, we’re here to go through your different conference style options and how to pick the right one. Best Conference Rooms Sydney.


What do you mean by style setup?

The style setup of your conference space simply refers to how you are going to set out furniture for your meeting. Do you want everyone to be facing each other so conversation is easy? Or would you like everyone’s attention to the front? Some are more perfect for networking and interactivity whilst others are designed to be more of a one-sided conversation. Basically, you have to choose which will suit your meeting.


Why is it even important?

The way in which your conference space is set up for your meeting needs to fit the flow and vibe you’re intending to exude throughout the event. Each has their own qualities that specifically work for particular types of meetings. As such, you’ll need to have an idea of how many guests there will be, what equipment you might need and how you want communication to be like.


What are the different seating arrangements?

There are around five common types of popular ways to set up a meeting, and each cater to a different type of conference. Let’s take a look at your options.



Probably the most well known is the boardroom style of seating. Think of all those important big guys that come together on a big, long table that you see in movies. It’s a simple style of seating where you can come together to discuss important topics for your business. Either a rectangular or round table is in the middle with seating all around to make conversation easy. It’s the perfect choice for shorter meetings with a small amount of people.

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The U-Shape style of seating is as the name suggests. The tables are set up in a U shape with seats on the outside. Therefore, this sort of style is perfect for meeting sessions where there will be video conferencing, presentations or training sessions. It’s ideal for note-taking and ease in conversation between everybody. This meeting style will accommodate up to 25 people.

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Need to fit maximum capacity? A theatre style conference set up is the best to use. It’s arranged in a way that’s parallel to the style of cinemas, where chairs are organised in consecutive rows that face the front. This allows for complete attention to the main speakers on stage and ease in presenting and showing audio and visual content.

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Think back to when you were in high school and how your class was set up. That’s how this meeting setup is styled. We’ve discussed the theatre setup already. This is quite similar in everybody is facing forward towards the speaker. In this case however, it is more convenient for note-taking and participation in the meeting as guests now have a table to work on.

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Finally, we have the banquet style of meeting. What you have in mind when the word ‘banquet’ is said is probably a great reflection of what this conference style is like. There are round tables set up in a spacious room with seating. These sorts of meetings are perfect if you’re wanting to provide catering and refreshments. Hence, it’s suitable for networking sessions or day-long conferences.

The style of conference you choose will be vital in how the meeting plays out. Base your decision on the number of people attending, the amount of conversation between people required, and the purpose of the meeting itself. Then, you can pick a style that’ll suit the venue and the end goal of running your conference.

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