Coworking Space vs. Traditional Office: Which Works Better for your Business

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The very nature of how work gets done is rapidly changing. With technology quickly advancing, more and more workers are deciding to take on a more flexible way of working on their own terms. This movement away from a traditional office is a step away from the one-size-fits-all design of the usual environment. With collaboration, creativity and productivity on offer, it makes sense why many heads are getting turned at the idea of coworking. So, what exactly are the benefits of the best coworking spaces Sydney that make it so different to the regular, old office space everyone is used to?


Another consideration for your company would be whether you want to embrace networking or eliminate distractions. One of the greatest perks of being in a coworking space isn’t just the financial benefits, but also the fact that you’ll be working alongside professionals from all sorts of industries. Coworking spaces often hold networking and educational events too. This opportunity to collaborate with others is a unique asset for your business, where your colleagues can learn and communicate with others, sparking creativity and ideas that could be essential to the success of your organisation. On the flip side, if your team would prefer a quiet space to get their head down and dig into some work, you might want to question whether coworking is the right move for you.


Firstly, you need to know how long you’re planning to stay in one spot. If you’re planning to avoid long leases, high rents and lengthy contracts, coworking spaces are the perfect alternative. This is because when you’re renting space for your business in a coworking site, you don’t have to worry about overheads like electricity, cleaning, and internet like you would in a traditional office. You also forgo the sunk costs of furniture and technology you’d need for every team member. It allows for a more flexible, minimal commitment situation that would benefit the bottom-line of any business.


Something else to consider would be whether your team thrives in an innovative space. Perhaps they prefer a sense of consistency? If you’re working with people who would rather stick to a cohesive, stable team then coworking would not be ideal. The dynamic should remain established and constant. However, if your organisation is open to everchanging, active workforce. One that can continuously inspire and spark new ways of thinking, then coworking is an option for you. In fact, big companies like Microsoft, IBM and Starbucks, have put their teams in coworking environments. It helps to get workers to think more creatively. Moving away from such a traditional model where conversation is different everyday means workers are more knowledgeable. This is especially about different sectors in the industry. It’s something to consider for your business. Especially if you want to get yourself and your workers out of their comfort zone.

Our verdict?

Ultimately, each business has its own individual needs. For us, we believe coworking reigns supreme for a number of reasons. Not only is it more financially friendly for the operations of your business, it offers something no other office can. The opportunity to work in a collaborative environment where individuals can be mentally stimulated day in and out can really help your employees grow and learn. It’s the choice that brings countless assets for your business.

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