Published February 07, 2022

How to best optimise your Spacenow listing


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Ensuring that you have a competitive listing means that you need to effectively communicate to potential guests what value they’ll be getting. There are many different factors in building a profile for your space that will make it a unique and special listing that can stand out from the crowd. By putting in the time and effort to make sure every aspect of your listing is the best it can be, you’ll be pulling in all the bookings in no time. You’re probably wondering about what sort of steps you can take to elevate the quality of your listing. Well think about it no more! Here are our trade secrets to optimise your Spacenow listing and get people to book on demand space.

Aesthetic, High Resolution Imagery

It’s safe to say that one of the most important aspects of your listing online is the quality and degree of professionalism reflected in your photos. Let’s be real, nobody is going to book a space that doesn’t look good. In most cases, the space itself is incredible, but when you opt for uploading iPhone 5 quality photos to your profile it’s not doing you a massive favour. In this day and age, looks are important. Investing some time and money to obtain aesthetic images of your space will entice people to seriously consider booking what you have on offer.

Attractive Headline and Description

More often than not, people will usually decide whether to click through to the listing based on the title. You need it to be attractive enough for somebody to want to click through to your space right away. For example, if you’re listing dedicated desks on our site, reconsider having a headline like ‘Office Space Sydney’. Something around the lines of ‘Dedicated Desk in Large Shared Space on Castlereagh St’ is much better. Not only is it descriptive and specific, you’re also highlighting some selling points for your space, like a premium, corporate attractive address. This also extends to your general description. It’s your chance to get across to your market and sell your space. Quality over quantity in this case. Keep it brief but get your main points, such as what makes your space unique, across.


Here’s where you can ensure a transaction. Amenities provided can ultimately be the make or break when it comes to decision making. Whether it’s high speed WiFi, showers, being pet-friendly, free coffee or tea, or 24/7 access; being able to offer more to your customers gives them more bang for their buck. Your space becomes more valuable and attractive to someone who is spending time researching and browsing through their options. You’ll stand out.

Customer reviews

Finally, you can strengthen trustworthiness with potential customers by including customer reviews in your description. There’s no doubt you’ve gotten plenty of compliments on your space before, so share them with everyone else! It’ll make customers more inclined to book your space if they see everyone else has loved it too.

Now you know how to customise the perfect profile for your special space. So, we think you’re just about ready to optimise your Spacenow listing. Make the move! Get your event, hospitality, creative, storage, parking or workspace listed on our site now. People are on the hunt to book on demand space