Published February 07, 2022

Canva chooses Spacenow as its booking platform of choice


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Canva chooses Spacenow as its booking platform of choice.

Spacenow, a proptech startup based in Australia, has garnered the attention of Canva, a big name in the tech industry. Now, Canva uses the booking platform to find space for its business.

The news follows a strong year of growth for the online marketplace, which has on-boarded more than 2000 listings to more than 25 categories of spaces, including office and coworking spaces to creative studios, warehouses, and event spaces.

Spacenow Co-Founder Daniel Gunning said he is excited to welcome the billion-dollar design company.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Canva, a leading Australian technology business, and helping them find and book space for their various needs,” he said.

Canva Band Designer Cat van der Werff said Spacenow found a beautiful space for Canva’s latest photoshoot at the coworking office Kafnu in Alexandria, Sydney.

“It’s a great partnership between Canva and Spacenow. Whenever we need a space, we just jump online and book it,” said van der Werff.

Gunning said Spacenow finds suitable spaces for offsite meetings, photoshoots and marketing videos for businesses of all sizes.

“Spacenow provides a simple and effective solution to businesses wanting to find short-term spaces, without the cost and time associated with traditional property agencies,” he said.

“At some stage, a business will need to grow or consolidate its offices based on economic or technological reasons, but it’s a rigid process based on current availabilities. We’re changing the way commercial real estate agents do business through the Spacenow platform.”

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