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Creative Spaces Sydney

Every creative needs an inspiring, fun and open space to let their imagination run wild. That’s because your space is the enabler of the best work. Having a creative studio where art, production, recording, filming or photography can take place means creators of all types of disciplines can be able to operate in a space that’s affordable and practical. We’ve collected the best creative spaces Sydney has to offer. Check them out here!

Why Book Creative Spaces Sydney?

There are so many options when it comes to creative spaces Sydney. In this day and age where the sharing economy is consistently thriving, it’s no wonder that a great selection of creative space Sydney is allowing creativity to flourish. Not only does it allow artists of all kinds to find a place to develop and house your creations, it does so at an affordable price.  

It can be difficult when you’re a performer, photographer, artist, designer or any other form of creative to find and rent an affordable studio or open space. That’s where opting for many of Sydney’s creative places comes in. Whether you’re looking to rent a warehouse, gallery, or studio, many of these spaces already come equipped with the right amenities you’ll need. For example, if you’re an artist searching for the ideal spot to showcase your art, you can rent a gallery with custom lighting and hanging systems that will aid in presenting your work. No matter what your next creative endeavor will be, your money is getting you a new space with convenience, facilities, and aesthetic.

What are some popular creative spaces?

Photography Studios

Whether it’s a fashion or product shoot, we’ve got a range of photography studios Sydney. From green screens to cyc walls, sound systems to lighting, many of these on-demand spaces have equipment included. Make sure you ask! See more here.

Recording Studios

Hello to all you musicians, podcasters, voice actors and other artists! You can search all our recording studios right here. Many of these spaces will have everything you need from soundproof walls to editing programs. Take a look for yourself.


Need somewhere to showcase your amazing talent? We have plenty of galleries amongst our creative spaces Sydney. From large open warehouse spaces to New-York inspired spaces, check them out all here.

Private Homes

Something a little different that we offer! If you’re looking for some pretty impressive spaces for filming locations, product launches, photoshoot sets and more, then we have a bunch of private homes available to book. These homes can get pretty luxe!

We have plenty more than where those came from. From fashion studios to rooftops, editing workspaces to yoga studios, you’ll find all types of creative spaces Sydney here. 

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Have a budget?

The best part about shopping around for the right creative spaces Sydney is the incredible range you have. Whether you have a tight budget or some extra to spend, Spacenow can help you find something perfect for you. Use our price filter when you search to check out what’s suitable, or, if you need an extra hand, we can help you out!


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