Published February 08, 2022

Discover New Features: Flexible Workspace


Written by Daniel Gunning

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At Spacenow, we’ve worked hard to introduce exciting new features for your listed flexible workspace. Take a look through this short deck that explains everything!

Time are changing, and Spacenow has adapted. We’ve implemented these new features to increase your flexible workspace bookings.

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We’ve also written articles on the growing popularity of flexible workspaces. Here’s a sneak peak of one here:

Project spaces: moving to a short-term, more agile and modular commercial space model

Project spaces are temporary working environments that conform to the needs of a business or individual worker at any point in time. Those are compartmentalised and ready-to-use spaces that can expand or downsize based on businesses and teams’ needs, size and type of projects. Most of them are usually fully serviced with for example COVID-safe measures and cleaning, premium amenities, business grade and secure Wi-Fi, etc.

Whether it be single desks, meeting rooms or other types of office spaces available for rent for an hour, a day, a week, or a month, more small Aussie organisations and workers are opting to rent out those cost-effective spaces often located close to their homes

We are even now seeing businesses such as hotels transforming their unused rooms into short-term working spaces for professionals looking for cheap options to work from safe, ready-to-use office spaces.

The move to this new type of 100 per cent modular and short-term rental office space model is what can help small businesses not only survive the COVID pandemic but build resilience in the long term as it means they can become highly adaptable to changing internal and external conditions.