Published February 08, 2022

Startup Daily TV: Spacenow CEO on the flexible workspace boom sparked by covid-19


Written by Daniel Gunning

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August 21, 2020
Simon Thomson

Daniel Gunning is co-founder and CEO of flexible commercial space marketplace Spacenow.

Since March 2020, the national startup has seen new customers increase by more than 290%  with a more than 550% increase in enquiries from large corporations, SMBs, startups and sole traders looking for short-term, flexible office space options closer to home.

The Spacenow platform now has 5,000 listings across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, with customers ranging from Canva, to Uber Eats, Merivale, Stan, Allianz, Hoyts, and Woolworths.

Gunning also recently launched  Flexible Project Spaces as well as a Covid decontamination service in partnership with cleaning services marketplace Whizz. He launched Spacenow three years ago to rent out and hire any type of space from a single desk or meeting room for an hour to taking over a cafe or restaurant for events.“The current economic uncertainty and social distancing measures mean that large corporate offices and CBD areas across Australian cities will continue to lay dormant for a while,” Gunning said.“However, working for home every day for months on end isn’t a sustainable model for workers both from a workspace set-up and mental health perspective. There needs to be another model that supports this shift to remote and hybrid work, one that helps bring work closer to people’s homes, in a safe environment.”Daniel Gunning recently appeared on the Startup Daily show on ausbiz talking how the pandemic has accelerated a trend towards the optimisation of commercial space across cities and the growing need for on-demand, flexible and short term leases for various types of commercial spaces.

Watch the interview here: