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Check out why flexible office space Sydney is becoming the popular solution for many businesses.

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A Flexible Future

How we work is going to be changed forever. With most people having transitioned to remote work in recent times, employees are starting to harness the benefits of being able to remotely work on their own terms, that is, flexible working. In order for businesses to evolve and become recovery ready, they’re looking to adopt flexible office space in Sydney to help them pivot with economic conditions. With benefits such as short lease terms, amenities, cleanliness and hygiene amongst many other things, they’re a cost-efficient strategy in the new flexible world of work.

Looking for flexible office space Sydney that will foster collaboration, innovation and culture for your team? You’re in for good news. It’s a struggle attempting to locate and love an ideal office space that’s going to tick all the boxes. Having to sit and scroll through hundreds of spaces, and then enquire with them gets tedious and tiring too. That’s why here at Spacenow, we’ve made it our goal to find the best flexible offices in Sydney and make it easier for you! With our relationships, we’re able to get the best deals for the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Flexible Office Space Sydney?

These private project spaces are becoming the popular way of transitioning into a flexible way of working. It’s not surprising seeing all the benefits that they offer for businesses. Firstly, these spaces have also adhered to stricter hygiene requirements. For example, there is hospital grade cleaning, sanitisation products provided and limited touch points. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re working in a completely safe and healthy environment. Additionally,  not only are they handing power to you when it comes to flexible contracts, your money is giving you access to a private office space where you can plug and play. Furthermore, these Sydney flexible offices are located across a wide range of areas. For instance, businesses are starting to operate satellite offices so that their employees are granted the option of working together, closer to home. Ultimately, by working in flexible office space Sydney, you’re getting these perks all at a valuable, cost-efficient price.

Can Spacenow Help Me?

Think this is something that would work well for you?  At Spacenow, it’s our goal to find a workspace that consistently drives collaboration, culture and cohesiveness amongst employees. We’ve found the best Sydney flexible offices that will offer you adaptability. Finding and booking flexible space has never been easier.


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In this series of blog posts, we’ll showcase our top event venues and workplaces, including coworking institutions, meeting spaces and more. This week we take a look out our favourite flexible office space Sydney.

Regus is one of the largest networks of office, coworking and meeting spaces. It’s aim is to allow workers to stay productive within the modern workspace by offering unique solutions. They have a range of professional and inspiring work environments that will allow you to get a hard day of work done. They also vary greatly in size and budget, meaning there is something for everybody. Their workspaces are located in cities, airports, public buildings, railways and more, meaning it’s always convenient for you to pop in.

Regus also works to make things super simple for you. There are no set-up costs, capital investment or ongoing hassles. They are very flexible with needs and requirements, and work simply off of an easy, single contract. They offer 24/7 customer service too so you’ll never feel unsure with what you’ve signed yourself into. With the corporate classiness every business person needs, Regus will most definitely be up your alley.

Office Space

Regus’ offices are unlike any other. All offices are fully furnished in a modern manner, with high speed internet included. You’ll be able to pick from window offices to a suite for yourself. The great thing that Regus offers is the all inclusive pricing. You’ll be paying one price for absolutely everything related to your workspace. That includes admin support, technology, facilities like the business lounge, and other workspaces like meeting rooms. You’ll also have the flexibility to set up a temporary office with Regus allowing a month’s notice in canceling your plan. All in all, working in an office here sounds pretty good to us.


With your own dedicated or hot desk, you’ll be getting the benefits of having your own full time office, but you’ll only be paying for the number of desks you use. Coworking here is even available by the hour! There’s no setup required, and you’re provided with utilities and equipment, like your own personal phone. Of course, you also get access to all the other facilities in the building. All you do is show up and get to work. No excuses anymore!

Meeting Rooms

In need of a meeting room so you can run your presentations, interviews, pitches or training? Regus offers a number of meeting spaces and boardrooms for rent. With catering, coffee, equipment and other services provided, you’ll have everything you need. You’ll also be able to customise your room’s layout however you need. With staffed reception, meeting facilities, technology, and flexibility all provided, you don’t even need to keep searching for the right meeting room anymore. It’s right here!

Regus boasts its workspaces to be ones that suit any business. They make booking work environments simple and accessible.

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