Published February 08, 2022

Flexible Work Needs Flexible Space


Written by Daniel Gunning

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We’re going into an age where it will not even cross the minds of workers where, when, and how they will be expected to get their job done. Flexible work is quickly evolving, and you’ll be needing the right space for it.

It’s the way of the future, and the way you’ll be meeting the new expectations and values of your employees. No longer is the traditional 9-5, five days a week going to be what is widely accepted. Instead, there will be a workforce that expects versatile working arrangements outside of your office walls. Right at the core of flexible work lies freedom and choice, and it’s definitely a force for good.

On-Demand Work is In Demand!

Employees crave flexibility. It’s no longer seen as something nice to have, but rather, a necessity when it comes to work benefits. This is especially true when it comes to millennials.  Take AirTasker as an example. Their employees don’t get paid for sitting idle waiting for a job to pop up. Instead, they’re paid based on the on-demand need for their specialised service.  In this way, workers have the power in choosing when, where and how they want to work. The notion is the same when it comes to a corporate context. In fact, a Deloitte study found that flexible working arrangements support greater productivity and employee engagement, all whilst enhancing personal well-being, health and happiness. Another study discovered that more than three in four Australians agree that working from home will now be the new normal. 

What this unleashes is a foundation to build a diverse and talented workforce that any business can reap benefits from. You’ll have to think about next is how you can provide an environment that’s just as agile, something which provides a home for creativity, collaboration and innovation.

What Is Flexible Space?

Put simply, these on-demand offices are work environments you can get access to whenever you require them. Whether it’s several levels of a building, one floor, one office or even a desk, they work as flexible spaces to be used at your will. Many businesses are even adopting the strategy of establishing satellite offices for their employees, decentralising and diversifying their company footprint amongst more local areas. They become ideal when you have a remote workforce that you would still like to provide a convenient, collaborative environment for. 

Why It Works

You’ll need a space just as flexible as your employees. If you’re going to have remote workers that will be in and out of an office, renting agile office space becomes the ideal solution. It’s a very cost-effective strategy as by nature, on-demand space grants flexibility during turbulent economic periods whilst also offering practical and dynamic solutions at reduced risk. 

It’s the same thing when it comes to private offices or meeting rooms. You’re able to rent them as you need. Require a space to hold a training program for your remote workers? Need a meeting area to discuss plans for an upcoming project with everyone in person? These spaces will be the answer. You’ll only be paying for whatever and however long you need them for.

Ultimately, these on-demand spaces will give you access to benefits such as elasticity in space, ability to decentralise and diversify company footprint, and overall cost efficiency that reduce business overheads. Don’t be locked into rigid lease terms with little breathing room. Here, you hold the power. It’s something that every business will adopt into their corporate strategy for the future. Will you?

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