Published February 08, 2022

A New Future for Office Spaces


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Will we see everyone rush back to their CBD offices? Perhaps some want to remain isolated and working from home. Or is meeting in the middle the solution? We have the answer. 50% of the workforce will be working across a total workplace ecosystem balancing office, home and flexible spaces according to Cushman and Wakefield.

Traditional office spaces and long-term leasing has come to an end as flexible spaces now rise in popularity. As government regulations ease and safety increases, businesses will need to start reimagining their office space and usage. In such a case, companies will have to gauge employee perceptions surrounding the matter and implement suitable working conditions.

The Trends We’re Seeing

We’re going to be looking at a tiered return to the office. That’s because many are reaping the benefits of working from home. Meanwhile, others are yearning to gain that sense of culture, collaboration and productivity they have in the office. As such, the pandemic has catalysed an in-between option; flexible office spaces. They’re going to be the assets that every business, big or small, will reap economic benefits from in their transitionary period.

Why are companies being quick to use these spaces? Although working virtually is manageable, it can never be a substitute for interacting face-to-face. The key element that’s getting bosses moving their teams back into flexible offices is collaboration. In fact, a survey of business leaders showed that 72% believe that company culture was most effective in the office. Additionally, 73% stated management of staff performance was also most effective though in-person interaction.

Location, Location, Location

Another element driving demand for these spaces is their ability to allow businesses to decentralise and diversify. Recent events have meant employees would rather remain close to home, avoiding public transportation and staying out of the CBD. Accordingly, organisations are adopting flexible offices across local areas. These satellite offices are established alongside company headquarters. Basically, there’s going to be employees working amongst head office, flexible spaces, and at home.

How Spacenow Helps

At Spacenow, we want to make accessibility to these flexible spaces as easy and efficient as possible to all businesses. The goal is to aid your organisation in giving employees a workspace they can collaborate and thrive in, on their own terms. Hence, these coworking spaces are expected to account for 12% of all commercial property in Australia by 2030. It’s no surprise with their offering of short-term leases and ability to plug and play. Our team is made of Space Specialists ready to get you into one of these safe workspaces. So, if you’re interested in making the move, get in contact with us now and learn how your business can take advantage.