Published February 08, 2022

Project Spaces are Getting Popular: Here’s Why Demand is Growing


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Flexible spaces are in. Here’s why.

It’s all about the Zoom meetings and working in your pyjamas now! We know you’re missing the hustle and bustle you’re used to in the office. Thousands of Australians are now attempting to get accustomed to working from home. For many however, the transition has proved to be tough.

Why is flexibility becoming more popular?

With constant distractions and isolation, the circumstances prove to be the perfect formula for employee burnout. That’s why we’re seeing more and more demand for project spaces as businesses start shifting their teams back into offices. In fact, Australian providers of serviced office space have reported a rise of approximately 30% in demand. This is because many of their clients are finding it too difficult to work from home, whether it be because of poor internet connection, need of office facilities, or just too many distractions.

What exactly is project space?

It’s pivotal to grasp that a project space is not the same as coworking. Although they do share similarities, such as flexible contracts, provision of amenities and other premium service, coworking is community driven. With open floor plans and areas like shared lounge space and game rooms, it’s all about fostering interaction between people. Project spaces aren’t built on this concept. Also known as flexible or swing spaces, they are private, walled off spaces exclusive to specific teams and businesses. There isn’t a desk roulette system here, with workstations being dedicated to the same employee. However, these serviced office spaces do still grant access to amenities like shared meeting rooms and boardrooms as they are essential for any business.

Safety first

You might be wondering; how are these project spaces ensuring that their spaces are safe and hygienic amidst COVID-19? These flexible spaces are just as agile as their name implies. As such, with strict new regulations being enforced, they have done everything in their power to make the work environment clean to operate in. In terms of social distancing, these project spaces have made sure workers will have at least 45 square metres to themselves and be seated 1.5 metres away from the next employee. Additionally, they’re increasing their cleaning rotations throughout the day and investing in hospital grade cleaning overnight. In addition, many are also checking their HVAC systems, implementing touch-free technology like automated doors and sinks, and providing sanitation products. Therefore, you’ll ultimately be having access to a safe, peaceful, and private space to get you work done.

Our call?

At the end of the day, the way we work is going to be altered forever. It’s time to get ahead of the game. Making decisions now about utilising assets like project spaces can be crucial in evolving your business. So, if you’d like to learn more about this, read our free guide.

How can Spacenow help?

It’s super stressful searching through thousands of different project spaces. We know because that’s our job! Lucky for you, we have plenty of experience and partnerships under our belt. Spacenow would like to get you and your business into a project space so you can start getting recovery ready. So, we know that you probably have a million other things to do, so let us help you fast-track the process. You’ll get access to our concierge services. Hence, just let us know what exactly
you’re searching for and we’ll facilitate a match at no extra cost to you. With our expertise in flexible space, we’ll be saving you precious time and money. So let’s get started!

Contact us now and let us know what you’re after. We’re excited to get working with you to find your flexible spaces.