Published February 08, 2022

Spacenow Adds COVID Safe Flexible Hotel Workspaces To Its Platform


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Spacenow adds COVIDSafe flexible hotel workspaces to its platform

Flexible workspaces expert Spacenow, have launched  ‘Isolated Hotel Workspaces’, adding a new category to its platform that allows individual workers and organisations across Australia to rent out COVIDSafe flexible and modular commercial spaces for a wide range of commercial space needs.

A total of over 50 hotels across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have signed up with Spacenow, listing over 200 rooms on the platform.  The rooms can be rented out by individual workers and organisations needing and wanting to work from COVIDSafe workspaces, with hire options from one hour or a day to a full week.

With rates starting at $79/day and $500/week, Spacenow is making it affordable for people to find appropriate workspaces across Australian cities and suburbs.

The hotels include both large groups such as Marriott, Accor, TFE and Intercontinental Hotels Group, as well as independent hotels. The hotels listed on the Spacenow marketplace include the Ovolo 1888 and PierOne in Sydney, View Brisbane and Punthill in Brisbane, as well as Radisson on Flagstaff Garden and Vibe Hotel in Melbourne. Samphire Rottnest hotel in Perth is also set to launch in the next coming weeks.

This comes as an increasing number of remote workers across Australia, whether they be sole traders or employees, are looking at new ways to adapt to the new remote working norm which has driven a 550% growth for Spacenow since March 2020.

Spacenow Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Daniel Gunning advised “many Australians have been working from home since last March. That’s a very long time and for most people this is starting to take a toll on their mental and physical health. Working with children, not leaving the house, working with workstations that are not adapted, not being able to meet with colleagues on strategic projects: those are all factors that are pushing Australians to look at new remote working options closer to their homes and families.

“A growing number of organisations are also realising that it’s not worth keeping or investing in expensive, long-term leases. Some of our customers have even gone completely office free and are now using Spacenow for all of their commercial space needs, from hotel rooms for their workers or small team meetings, to boardrooms and creative spaces.”

Providing COVIDSafe workspaces for remote workers, and creating new opportunities for the tourism and hospitality industry Isolated Hotel Workspaces enable workers to access and discover experiences that marry the functionality of a premium workspace with the luxury and comfort of a hotel. The free concierge service is also here to help people and organisations find spaces that perfectly match their unique needs.

With Isolated Hotel Workspaces, Spacenow is making ‘bleisure’ a reality for workers while supporting an industry that has been severely suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ovolo Hotels Group Director of Marketing, Stephen Howard notes “the tourism and hospitality industry is currently searching for innovative ways to increase occupancy with current market pressures. At Ovolo we have identified numerous ways to do this whilst still connecting with our customers in a meaningful way and in some cases enhancing their experience.

“Collaborating with Spacenow and transforming some of our rooms into workspaces has been a fantastic way for us to generate some extra revenue while helping Australians to find comfortable and safe spaces to work from. It’s really a win-win and is opening up many new opportunities for us from a commercial and services perspective.”

All the hotels listed on the Spacenow marketplace have registered COVIDSafety plans and certifications, and are compliant with Government requirements. Hotels that are used for quarantine purposes are not able to list their unused rooms on the platform, to ensure that Spacenow users remain safe and isolated from any risk.

Isolated Workspaces complement Spacenow’s commercial spaces categories including Flexible Project Spaces that launched last August, Ghost Kitchens, Event Spaces and Creative Spaces. More categories are expected to launch by the end of the year. 

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