Published February 08, 2022

Ghost Kitchens: Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Dining


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Boo! Ghost kitchens are here.

It’s no secret that times are changing. The way Australians want to wine and dine from hereon will be drastically different to what we’re used to. Eating out is something we’re definitely going to be missing. It’s okay though, because we’ll now be getting our favourite meals delivered right to our door.

The team at Spacenow has worked hard to bring you a whitepaper. It’s going to be both informative and interesting. It explores what they are and the latest industry trends. Additionally, it goes through the pros and cons of operating one yourself and the varying business models that it facilitates. We know that online food delivery is booming, so there’s no better time than now to educate yourself on the perks of ghost kitchens! Check out what we have to say. Click the link below to download your own copy.

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