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Looking for the perfect ghost kitchen?

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Ready to cook and create your incredible food? If you’re searching for a ghost kitchen space where you can let your culinary talents thrive, Spacenow can help you.

There are great opportunities that can be seized with ghost kitchens. The benefits they provide are incredible. Call us now on 9310 9210 to find out more. 

There has been a digital domination. You already might have heard of ghost kitchens emerging across the nation. This growth has stemmed from consumer behaviour and preference in ordering food delivery online.  So why have ghost kitchen space appealed to restaurants, cooking professionals and property owners alike? Let’s delve right in.

What are they exactly?

Ghost Kitchens, otherwise known as dark, smart, virtual or cloud kitchens, are kitchen spaces for food and restaurant services without the storefront. These hospitality businesses sell meals exclusively through delivery only and strip down all the fancy schmancy design and decor you’d get when you dine-in a traditional restaurant. Of course, this brings countless benefits for you.

What benefits do they offer?

The primary advantage of running your own ghost kitchen space is lowering operating costs. It’s a much easier and cost effective method as overhead costs can be eliminated completely. Say goodbye to the whole interior design process, wait staff, cleaning and everything else. You’ll have more money in your pocket that you can instead invest into utilising cutting-edge technology to further the success of your own business.

Rent prices are also slashed. With a ghost kitchen, there’s no need to be located in the CBD. After all, being delivery based means you have a wider geographical customer base. Profitability isn’t linked with your location anymore. You can even opt to share your kitchen space, making the price tag even smaller.

Start-up time is also very quick. You’ll bring your ideas to life much quicker than a traditional restaurant. With marketing and operations basically all online, you also get more data-driven insight. You get to forecast and anticipate trends, favourite meals and the most popular menus so you can confidently trial new ideas. Customer feedback is all at a touch of a button. 

How can Spacenow Help?

We know how much the hospitality industry has been affected in recent times. We wanted to take action and get hospitality adapting to the new marketplace. It’s important now, more than ever, to ride the new digital wave. Digital experiences are going to be booming during a time where safety, social media and convenience is top of mind.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or chef looking for commercial kitchen space to start cooking up some tasty dishes, or you own valuable kitchen space that could be rented out, Spacenow can help you.

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