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Your idle space is your next profitable opportunity. Why host with us? At Spacenow, we make listing your extra commercial kitchen space simple, secure and free. Plus, we only charge on success! It’s time to join Australia’s one stop shop for space and reach more potential guests.

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How it Works

List underutilised space for free

Provide potential guests with the information they need. Make sure they learn more with unique details about your space including price, location and some photos.

Meet your guests

When a potential guest is interested in your space, we send them your way. We’ll work to schedule an inspection so you can make sure you’re opening your doors to the right person.

Earn income

You’ll only pay on success. There’s no cost associated with signing up. We only charge a small 10% + GST per booking. The rest is all yours!

why host with us

Why Host With Us?

You have the power every step of the way.

why host with us

Simple & Secure

The process is quick, easy and all guests are verified. Let Spacenow do the work for you.

Take Control

You have the power to choose who rents your space, for how much and for how long. 

Management Tools

Change your mind? Alter your information as you please and update listings in real time.

Pay On Success

There’s no cost to sign up or list. We’ll only charge a flat 10% + GST per successful booking.

We’re With You

If you need help at any point, our team of Space Specialists are ready to help you.

Manage Multiple Spaces

You’ll be able to list as many spaces as you’d like. Manage them all conveniently at once.

Join a Growing Network

You’ll be joining thousands of other hosts on Spacenow. Make revenue on unutilised space too. 

More Leads Your Way

More leads mean more bookings. We’ll schedule inspections for you so you meet more guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spacenow is home to all different types of spaces. From event venues and kitchens, to creative studios and private offices, we have guests that come to us looking for different things. Basically, anyone with free space can list for free! If you have any questions, just ask us here.

A payment is received from the guest upon an agreed contract and successful booking. Spacenow will invoice a 10% + GST commission to the host upon success. 

We only get paid when you do. We will collect a 10% + GST fee from hosts upon any successful bookings that are made on Spacenow. 

We offer 24/7 customer support. Please email us on or call us on 9310 9220.

Listing your space on Spacenow is completely free! Only after you have entered into a license agreement with a renter will Spacenow take a small percentage of the rent paid to you.

You can edit your listing at any time by logging in with your user details, clicking on your username on the top right corner, and selecting ‘My Spaces’ from the drop down menu. Then simply select the workspace you wish to edit (if you have multiple listings), and make changes as desired.

If you wish to remove your listing for whatever reason, log into your space, go to ‘My Spaces’, then select the space you wish to unlist. Finalise removal by clicking the deactivate button to the right.

A host can decline booking requests.

When you list on Spacenow, you have the power in choosing who you want to rent your space.

Income that you earn by renting your space out on Spacenow can be declared on your annual tax return.

In this case, we highly recommend contacting your accountant to fully understand what your tax obligations and deductions are.

All prices shown on Spacenow are inclusive of GST. It is calculated at the time of booking and then added to the amount charged to the guest.


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Ghost Kitchens

We’re here to assist. Let us search, compare and negotiate for you. If you’re currently on the search for a ghost kitchen, we can save you both time and money with our free concierge service!

Hundreds of businesses are using Spacenow

We’ve simplified finding a Ghost Kitchen!

Search all your commercial kitchen spaces in one place.


Instantly search thousands of spaces

From pricing to availability, our transparency and accuracy with filters & listings means we guarantee your perfect match exists within our diverse range of spaces.


Enquire on your favourites

Have our charming spaces caught your attention? We’ll site visits to start connecting you with our hosts so you can decide on the right match.


Let us take care of the rest

Once you’ve made your choice, our team will use years of industry experience to get you the best deal. Best part? You’re free from obligation and it won’t cost a cent.​

What people are saying about Spacenow.

Helen White
Executive Manager, CBA

Working with the team at Spacenow has really changed the way our department books meetings and offsites.

Kristopher Davant
Head Of Product, Frollo

I really like the look and feel of the site. I’m amazed how Spacenow have created a single search engine for so many categories.

Steve Hui
Founder, iFLYflat

Spacenow can solve so many issues for companies looking for more flexibility and temporarily utilise spaces that attract creativity.

Tashi Dorjee
Head of Flex Space, JLL

The pandemic has people WFH, companies rethinking their workplace strategies, & commercial real estate players recognising the need for flexibility.

Looking for the perfect ghost kitchen?

Top Ghost Kitchen Space

Ready to cook and create your incredible food? If you’re searching for a ghost kitchen space where you can let your culinary talents thrive, Spacenow can help you.

There are great opportunities that can be seized with ghost kitchens. The benefits they provide are incredible. Call us now on 9310 9210 to find out more. 

There has been a digital domination. You already might have heard of ghost kitchens emerging across the nation. This growth has stemmed from consumer behaviour and preference in ordering food delivery online.  So why have ghost kitchen space appealed to restaurants, cooking professionals and property owners alike? Let’s delve right in.

What are they exactly?

Ghost Kitchens, otherwise known as dark, smart, virtual or cloud kitchens, are kitchen spaces for food and restaurant services without the storefront. These hospitality businesses sell meals exclusively through delivery only and strip down all the fancy schmancy design and decor you’d get when you dine-in a traditional restaurant. Of course, this brings countless benefits for you.

What benefits do they offer?

The primary advantage of running your own ghost kitchen space is lowering operating costs. It’s a much easier and cost effective method as overhead costs can be eliminated completely. Say goodbye to the whole interior design process, wait staff, cleaning and everything else. You’ll have more money in your pocket that you can instead invest into utilising cutting-edge technology to further the success of your own business.

Rent prices are also slashed. With a ghost kitchen, there’s no need to be located in the CBD. After all, being delivery based means you have a wider geographical customer base. Profitability isn’t linked with your location anymore. You can even opt to share your kitchen space, making the price tag even smaller.

Start-up time is also very quick. You’ll bring your ideas to life much quicker than a traditional restaurant. With marketing and operations basically all online, you also get more data-driven insight. You get to forecast and anticipate trends, favourite meals and the most popular menus so you can confidently trial new ideas. Customer feedback is all at a touch of a button. 

How can Spacenow Help?

We know how much the hospitality industry has been affected in recent times. We wanted to take action and get hospitality adapting to the new marketplace. It’s important now, more than ever, to ride the new digital wave. Digital experiences are going to be booming during a time where safety, social media and convenience is top of mind.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or chef looking for commercial kitchen space to start cooking up some tasty dishes, or you own valuable kitchen space that could be rented out, Spacenow can help you.

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