Published February 08, 2022

Hosts: Are You Asking These Important Questions?


Written by Daniel Gunning

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It’s important to get to know your guest. Of course date and time is important, but you need to ensure that those enquiring for your great event space space will be the right match for you. This is crucial in order to have a seamless booking experience. We’ve put together some questions as examples that you could ask your potential guests next time you receive an enquiry. 

There are three main phases of questions you’ll want to go through. 

Phase One: Get To Know Your Guest

This is probably the most important phase that you’ll want to focus on. It’s where you can absorb as much information about your guest and their intention for renting your property. Clarify if what they need is what you can provide.

  • Tell me about yourself.

Here, you can find out about who they are and what exactly it is they’re after! It’s your chance to establish a good relationship with them. 

  • What makes you interested in my space?

You need to figure out the guests’ intentions before they arrive. This is so that you can protect your property. Ask them what their plans involve so you can decide if it aligns with your expectations.

  • What is the purpose of your visit?

Here, you’ll want to find out what it is the guest is planning. Whether it’s a meeting, birthday party, engagement, product launch or corporate dinner, it’ll help guide your decision on whether your space is suitable.

  • How many people/guests will be using my space?

Here, you can reinforce to your guest what the maximum capacity of your space is.

  • Will there be catering at your event?

This will be handy in determining required minimums for the guest. You will also need to decide whether your space has the facilities for the type of catering there will be.

  • Do you anticipate set-up and tear down time, if so, how long (for events)?

This is important to know as it will be involved in your guests’ booking time. Remind them that it’s essential to account for any clean-up time and setting up so bookings don’t overlap.

  • Will you be bringing any of your own equipment, furniture or decor?

Whether it’s sound and audio equipment or the guests own chairs and tables, you will need to know about this so you can see beforehand how much space and planning is required.

Phase Two: Confirm Expectations

As the booking date approaches, you’ll want to reach out a few days prior to confirm information and expectations you have in regard to the occasion. You don’t want to be moving forward with any doubts, so take the time to make sure you’re on the same page as your guest.

  • Have you read the rules provided about our listing?

You get the chance to confirm with the guest that they’ve read and agreed to your terms and conditions. If there’s anything they’re questioning, it might be a good idea to make it clear of your expectations.

  • What time will you be arriving?

Confirm the time you expect them to arrive. Nicely let them know that you will be ready and anticipating their arrival at said time. Also, notify them of any additional costs in regard to late arrival.

  • Is there a specific layout you would like for your function?

Now, this can be a massive factor in ensuring your guest leaves an incredible review. Ask them if they would like the space to be set up in any particular way for their occasion. 

  • Who will be the person to be in contact with on the day?

Sometimes, the person you’ve been chatting to isn’t the person who will be there on the day. If you have been conversing with an event planner or assistant, ask for the contact details of the point of contact for the actual day.

  • Is there anything else you require?

Here, they can let you know of any questions they may have. They can even have last-minute requirements! Remember, if you can’t handle this, you can always point them to Spacenow Concierge. 

Phase Three: Feedback

This part is key! Customer feedback is crucial to bettering the experience you provide for future guests. Take the time to contact the guest and see what they loved and what you could have improved on. This will ensure what a great event space you have!

  • Were your expectations fulfilled?

This question is necessary to see what they thought of your space! Accordingly, you can be enlightened on what they enjoyed and what they didn’t. This way, you can elevate the experience of future guests regarding points you weren’t strong in.

  • Was it easy to find our space?

If it wasn’t, you can perhaps communicate location better next time to future guests and improve your listing information.

  • Is there anything you think could be improved upon?

Ask for constructive feedback so that they’re aware you are willing to improve your service. It shows you really care about what they think.

Your bookings can be made so much easier if you’ve asked the right questions beforehand. We hope these questions can lead you in the right direction for your next enquiry for your great event space!

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