Published February 07, 2022

Increase your booking rate with a few simple photo tricks


Written by Daniel Gunning

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It’s all about looks these days. We all know the saying in relation to food; ‘you eat with your eyes first’, and it’s no different when it comes to consumers’ behaviour with everything else. As humans, we are heavily influenced by visuals. People want to see what they’re going to be getting with their money. What value are they going to derive from their investment? It’s crucial to present your product in the best possible light so that you pull bookings not only from new customers, but also those from competitors. Knowing a few simple photo tricks can make all the difference to increase your booking rate. We’ll elaborate how.

Lighting and Quality

This might be one of the most important aspects in your photographs. When a customer is searching for a space to book, they definitely won’t be enticed by small, dark, and pixelated photos of a sad looking office. You need natural lighting with the highest resolution. Capture your images in the morning or afternoon with blinds open to let through the sunlight. It’ll warm up and brighten your photos in a way that evokes a sense of comfort, making your space inviting.


We already use this trick with our selfies. A really good trick to keep in mind is your angles! We all know that knowing how to position your shots can make something seem way more appealing and attractive. If you’re working with a smaller space, a good tip is to capture your photos from the corners of the room. This way, if you’re trying to market a smaller private office, the shot will make the space look wider and more open. Something to keep in mind!

Key Amenities

This is key! When it comes to marketing a product, it’s all about what makes it different. It’s what catches the attention of a consumer’s eye. That’s why you need to showcase the amenities that make your space special. Does your coworking area have a fancy new kitchen with bottomless coffee and tea? Maybe your event space overlooks the city skyline? Perhaps your newly renovated boardroom has state of the art tech and stylish furniture. Whatever you can boast about, make sure to include it in your photos! Key amenities are often what drive consumer search and secure bookings.


When you go out for a special event, we bet you put time and effort into making sure you look the best you can. It’s important you do the same thing with your space. You want to stand out from the crowd and draw some attention! Take time to decorate your space to be stylish and more appealing to the eye. Whether it’s a cool, new art piece on the wall or a vase with flowers on the desk, little touches to add to the overall aesthetic of a space goes a long way.


It’s no fun being trapped in a concrete jungle! More and more customers these days are drawn to spaces with a touch of nature. With restaurants having flower walls and vines hanging from the ceiling to offices almost resembling a rainforest with the amount of greenery to bring life in the room, it’s a good idea to have plants in your space. Not only does it make your listing look more enticing to book, plants are a great touch of colour to add in your photographs.

Ultimately, a picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve given you our advice! Now, it’s time for you to go out, get creative with your space, and prepare yourself for an influx of bookings. Head over to to add or edit your listing and increase your booking rate. You can thank us later.