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We all want to partake in celebrations, functions are great, and the venue they are hosted in often dictates how great a function really can be. Spacenow offers the opportunity to find great function venues without putting holes in your pockets. Spacenow is the best way to find exceptional event rooms for cost effective prices. Schedule your event outside peak seasons: avoiding these busy times will guarantee cheaper rates as hosts often bump up prices to match increased demand around holiday periods, so booking during a quieter time will lead to cheaper venue rentals. For instance some couples are planning to get married in winter, when most hotels have winter specials. Weekends are usually the busiest time for weddings, engagements and social activities, so you might consider it to be different for the sake of your wallet and choose to begin celebrating on a Thursday instead.


Here at Spacenow we understand that event planning really takes a huge amount of time and effort. We aim to make it less of an effort and take up less of your time. Whether it’s a 230 people corporate function or a 20 person meet and greet Spacenow is here the whole way to help you in organising the best venue for you with some of the best lease options on the market. Spacenow will provide a host of the best venue options so you can select the right one to make your event a success. We help people find the right Brisbane venue based on their requirements.


Corporate events are extremely popular, Spacenow has a lot of experience with clients looking to host workshops to seminars where people corporate teams gather around the same aim. Spacenow encourages corporate clients to take their team to any one of our premiere venue options listed for corporate functions. These meetings often take a long time, as a lot is to be discussed in the corporate world, and so it is paramount that your venue can keep guests comfortable and impressed for the whole duration of the meeting. It is smart to book a venue to match the size of the team and corporation you are booking for. Meeting areas away from one another allows for your team to be able to separate between breaks out topics from discussion that could be listened to by people who didn’t participate in the discussion in question.


Weddings take a lot of planning, depending on the size of your wedding it often takes weeks to plan and prepare for your big day. Spacenow makes choosing the venue for your wedding more cost effective and time efficient. When choosing a Brisbane wedding venue it is important that you consider what the visitors want during their stay with things like a large parking area near the venue and ensure you have organised catering options for everyone.


Corporate parties, panels, cocktail parties, award nights, presentations galas, product launches, product reviews and more. Organising an event that your guests will be sure to remember has never been so easy with Spacenow, search on our website and scroll through our great selection of venues. Try the easy search on our website page and find a great venue that fits your requirements.


Offering guests a magnifique event space, Ballroom Le Grand is currently the largest of the conference venues in a Brisbane based hotel. Our superior facility has hosted a variety of grand events, from gala dinners to international business conferences. There is extraordinary versatility for the room to be arranged to suit a variety of theming options. This grand space is entirely pillarless, but can be converted into individual conference rooms to suit the size of your event.


When looking for functions in Brisbane you must know how many people you’ll need and the purpose. Spacenow will provide information about the venue you want for the event. Other factors should be considered for your trip to Brisbane:


There’s a lot of different catering options out there, Spacenow has connections with some top catering companies and our staff will be happy to assist with catering options. Think about what kind of food and beverage you want to sell on this occasion. For formal events which emphasise good food, find event spaces with top quality cooking facilities or with connections to reputable restaurant and catering companies. If you are interested in being directed to some of Brisbane best catering companies please ensure that you call our team who are here to help you.


Keep your eyes open on how accessibility can be made available to seniors and those whose needs have not been met in the past. Spacenow provides venues where people with disabilities can enjoy wheelchair accessible spaces or have specially equipped accommodations for the event. Please discuss with one of our staff via an enquiry about a venue’s accessibility if this is a requirement for your booking.


A lot of function spaces have fantastic interiors and beautiful design but can’t be used effectively to the full extent. Think about the purpose of your party and the mood of your search when scouting a place. It is important to consider what the guests of your function will require, if it’s a presentation style function or a dinner the required amenities will vary.

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