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Creative spaces are vital for artists in cities, Spacenow has a great selection of creative spaces such as studios, galleries and halls on our website. Book today, our experienced team will strive to assist you in finding the perfect match for you. Creative spaces allow for artists to properly express themselves through their art. Artists can either choose to do work in the creative studio or set up a gallery to showcase their beautiful creations. Spacenow works closely with artists providing them the best deals on leases, costs and finds them the best suited gallery space depending on their location.


Creative spaces have the vital importance of maintaining buzz throughout the city. They bring in colours and flares for urban and tourists alike. We’ll always be looking for new buildings we’re capable of delivering. Our spaces are better off being filled with art galleries and functions that enhance the surrounding area, adding foot traffic to attractions and allowing for positive creativity. The benefits of allowing the arts to flourish adds life to all the spaces’ surroundings, when artists are producing art it creates an attraction and culture for the suburb. Contact us here at Spacenow today to find the right building space in Sydney.


The studios and gallery spaces available with Spacenow are always open to the wider arts community. Contact us regarding your interest in any of the wide range of available venues suitable for hosting the arts community. Spacenow boasts an inclusive and progressive mindset in regards to our business and is a safe place for any form of expression to be conducted within our venues.


Are you looking for a premiere creative space in Sydney? Spacenow has the largest variety of gorgeous creative spaces all throughout Sydney including, modern studios, art studios, art gallery’s and garden spaces. Find your ideal place to hire with Spacenow! Sydney has many great locations to set up a trendy gallery, Spacenow has the best venues to host with.


Before you hire your creative space, please ask the venue host or one of our team here at Spacenow for what kind of equipment you need. The dance studio typically features mirror walls as well as a barre. Creative workshops will feature big tables and seats. Video production sets or photo-studios have backdrops and studio lights. Art Gallery’s have high ceilings, presentation spaces, and walls for art. It is important to ensure your enquiry has all the information regarding equipment that you require.


The creative spaces offered by Spacenow present the public with a grand opportunity to showcase their artistic talents be it through a gallery, recording space or a dance hall without the need for contacts or recognition. Spacenow is your go to website for booking spaces without any hassle about long term lease agreements or lock in contracts, simply find a space, book it on our website and use it on your own terms.


If you have a creative gene, an artist friend after a location to show off their work or an idea that requires a platform to be told then you need Spacenow. Showcasing talent has never been easier thanks to Spacenow. You can easily book your selection from our massive catalogue of creative spaces on our website.

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