Best Pop Up Locations in Sydney

Spacenow provides the best location for your brands pop up store, Sydney is a massive cultural centre with a massive consumer base that is obsessed with labels and fashion. Spacenow understands that location affects brand image and consumer base. Our premiere pop up locations can be found along Sydney’s bustling Oxford street. Paddington and Darlinghurst are some of the best locations for a brand to set up a pop up store, it is easy to get to and Oxford street is one of Sydney’s most iconic and beautiful streets in the whole city. 

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Paddington is one of the best places to go shopping in Sydney and is regularly alluded to as being the Mecca of shopping in Sydney. Oxford street highlights two perpetual rows of shops, boutiques, cafes, eateries, bars, local designers, grocers, etc. There’s a really great vibe about this place and there’s a market that’s held at Paddington Public School every Saturday. Typically not your regular flea market. Instead, it is a charming market that permits new and budding designers to offer their products and hence making it a little bit upmarket.


The whole suburb is essentially focused around its major thoroughfare of Oxford street, more youthful professionals, partygoers, and same-sex residents will probably find a good deal of appeal about living here – as a minimum quickly – because it gives a sense of electricity and “city life” that few other suburbs of Sydney can provide. It’s also one of the most accepting suburbs in Sydney in terms ofIf you’re after an upbeat and vibrant way of life with easy access to the town and want a dose of “true” Sydney city dwelling in an urban condominium environment, Darlinghurst has plenty of leisure and its convenience is hard to suit. Darlinghurst is an optimal location for a Pop up Boutique in Sydney.

Pop Up Stores

Pop Up stores provide a great opportunity for fashion labels mainly to show off their new season launches. When a brand’s product is set up aesthetically in one of Spacenow’s premiere pop up stores it has an overwhelmingly positive impact on their brand image and consequently sales. Pop Up stores and Spacenow go hand in hand, you can guarantee that if you are using our platform to book and hire a pop up store for your label you will be accommodated with great rates, easy lease and no hassle.

Pop Up Store Pricing

Pop up stores in some of Sydney’s premier locations such as the ones listed above are paid on a by week basis. Pop ups range from around $1000 – $5000 a week, there is a lot of demand and big labels that use Spacenow to book their store a pop up. Book your pop up boutique with Spacenow today, our prices are fair for the sites we provide, the exposure that our top Pop Ups in our premiere locations such as Paddington / Darlinghurst provide for your brand is value for money.

Why A Pop Up Store

Pop Up Boutiques present a range of great opportunities for businesses to sell their product to the public in an exciting event style launch. Pop Ups allow businesses to make a big deal out of the day, days, weeks or even months that they occupy the Pop up location, usually the lease will be for around a week. A short stay in a Pop Up boutique is the most popular for labels and brands as they can build hype for a new product launch, new season launch or just their product for sale. Lines often form for these brand pop up days. Building hype online is a great opportunity for businesses to increase their sales performance, furthermore hiring a pop up space increases the hype as well as accessibility and familiarity for the customers.

Pop Up Hire with Spacenow

Spacenow provides businesses with great flexibility when it comes to looking for pop up boutiques for you to present your products in. With a great range of top quality pop up boutiques Spacenow is your go to website when booking a Pop Up boutique. Our dedicated team will strive to present you with the best opportunities for a pop up store.

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