Published February 07, 2022

Declare War on Unused Space


Written by Daniel Gunning

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In this day and age, one of the greatest commodities someone could possess in the Australian economy is space. Many don’t realise they have the perfect vacant space with potential to be turning profits. Whether it be a storage shed that you don’t use, conference rooms that are only needed once a month, or empty space in your office. It’s space that someone needs. Therefore, here’s how to take advantage of unused space, and make money from space.

What is the problem?

With its spiraling costs, real estate is one of the biggest expenses for businesses. These organisations lack awareness of how their space is being utilised. Electricity, rent, air-conditioning, internet and other expensive overhead costs having to be continuously invested into maintaining an office space. In the end, it becomes a complete waste if it isn’t being used at full capacity. As a result, businesses are overpaying potentially millions of dollars for unused space. It’s the profitable potential of connecting space with those who have it to those who need it.

The Golden Opportunity

The sharing economy is on the rise and heavily influencing many markets. In fact, it’s now normal to share a car with someone else, or let someone sleep in the spare room you have in your home. So, businesses are now tapping into the trend of listing underutilised space online and quickly connecting it to rising demand. Therefore, organisations are thriving through collaborative consumption, and there’s no better time than now to monetise unused space.

One in ten Australians are estimated to be participating as suppliers in the sharing economy to boost their income, according to The Sharing Hub. Advantageously, about half are using the sharing economy to look for more affordable and specific unused spaces.

How can Spacenow help?

At Spacenow, our goal is to connect people who need space with people who have it. We provide a platform to allow people to access different types of space, including coworking, meeting, office, parking, hospitality, venue and storage. Finding convenient and affordable space has never been so easy. Long gone are the days of high rent long leases, contracts and paperwork for all those looking for space. Furthermore, we know how important it is to have somewhere to bring your ideas to life. Space is the ultimate asset, and we want to help you derive value from it.

Make money from space

Your underutilised space can be bringing you thousands of dollars a week, and we can help you kickstart the process. Our big vision is to declare war on unused space, embrace the sharing economy, sustainability and the future of work. Take advantage of unused space with us. With Spacenow, anywhere is possible.