Published February 08, 2022

The Top Tech Items Every Meeting Room Needs


Written by Daniel Gunning

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At the end of the day, the worth of every meeting room is the sum of its parts. The more technologically advanced items there are available, the more valuable the meeting space will be in terms of convenience, functionality, and ease. You need to make sure that your meeting room can be used to its fullest potential. Other than the fast, solid WiFi, we have a few recommendations on what to search for when booking meeting and conference spaces.

Wireless TV Connection

Let’s be real, everybody has sat through a meeting waiting for the presenter as they’re looking for the right dongle to connect their laptop to the TV or projector. Sometimes there isn’t even one to begin with. Technology is advancing for a reason, and that’s to make our lives easier! Make sure that when you’re searching for a meeting space, there’s a wireless presentation solution that can make your meeting smooth sailing. However, it is good to double check the space also offers wired solutions for reliability. Ensure things like your HDMI, USB C, and Mini Displayport cables are provided. Also the dongle, don’t forget the dongle. 

TV Screen and Projectors

You’ll definitely need a TV screen or projector if you’re planning on presenting anything in your meeting. Make sure when booking a space that a large display screen is provided with the wireless technology available. A proper screen with technology like AppleTV or Chromecast will make your life much easier.


It’s old school but it’s necessary. They’re important to jot ideas down or draw up diagrams when needed. If you’re looking for something more stylish however, try finding meeting spaces with glass boards. They’ll definitely add the cool, new, and futuristic vibe to your get together.

Power/USB Ports

Often overlooked, you need to ensure your meeting room has enough power and USB ports! We don’t even want to think about attending a long meeting and then having our laptop run out of battery without the ability to charge it. It would be even more convenient for you if the ports are built into the table.

Video conferencing capabilities

The greatest thing about technology is that it has the ability to connect people across the world instantly. If you’re planning to have a video conference, make sure the necessary audio equipment like your microphones, and webcam equipment is available. The more advanced the tools are, the better quality your meeting will be.

We’ve told you what amenities you need to look for, now it’s time for you to get searching. Check and browse through plenty of new, different, and functional meeting and conference spaces that will cater to your needs perfectly!