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There are a countless number of meetings that happen in day to day business. They all require the perfect space to facilitate important discussions and spark innovative ideas. Whether it’s an annual offsite, team project, presentation or interview, you’ll be able to find all types of meeting rooms. Discover a wide range of convenient spaces in your location here!

Why on demand meeting rooms?

Although many have welcomed this new digital age of workplace flexibility, there’s important elements you just can’t foster remotely. You’re definitely not alone when it comes to missing the community, collaboration and competence you get in an innovative workspace. Being able to come together with your colleagues or clients and have discussions face to face reaps more value than a Zoom call ever will. That’s why we’re seeing many businesses utilise on demand meeting spaces to harness the benefits of flexible work.

Say goodbye to all the distractions at home and find your own collaborative haven to get some important work done.

We can help!

At Spacenow, we understand how important having available, safe and on demand space is. That’s why whether it’s an important executive get together, a client meeting, a training session or an offsite, we’ve got it all here and ready to book with a few simple steps. When you enquire with us, you’re accessing the best deals in the market, for free. Why? We use our relationships to get you the best deal. It’s the easy, convenient shortcut that costs you nothing.

If you’re too busy to do the searching, comparing and negotiating yourself, let us know and one of our friendly Space Specialists will do it for you.

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