We believe in the power of human connection

Vision statement

To live in a world where one day you can share anything with anyone, not just for an extra income, but to truly inspire innovation and advancement in positive change.

The ‘why’ behind spacenow.

There is a new future; a future of flexibility. It introduces unparalleled efficiency to flexible space sharing models that’s crucial for long-term success. It’s why we’re witnessing the decentralisation & diversification of traditional structures, an ecosystem that welcomes the adoption of hybrid models and on demand.

We’ve witnessed this unfold and discovered an abundance of exciting opportunities in the realms of the shared economy. We want you to be a part of it too.

At Spacenow, we’re driven by 7 core values that shape and drive the way we work and serve the community.

7 core values

Propel space sustainability

Our platform propels the flexible space evolution. On demand space promotes sustainability in a shared economy, inspiring wiser utilisation of existing assets to yield countless benefits. We’re opening up the world and making it simple and accessible all in one place.

Support entrepreneurship

With new business comes new ideas. Here at Spacenow we’re in complete support of entrepreneurship and of innovative products, services and ways of doing things. Of course, no creative concepts can come to life without space; that’s where we come in.

Lead with passionate people

At Spacenow, we not only work with the best, but with people that are committed, driven and passionate about what we do. This starts from the moment we attract talent all throughout the development and retention of our enthusiastic and ardent team. Ultimately, it’s how we nurture a collaborative and positive work environment.

Serve with moral excellence

Integrity is at the core of our operations. We take pride in being transparent to all our stakeholders through openness, honesty and responsibility. We tell it how it is, and it’s the reason we inspire strong relationships built on trust.

Be curious to create

All leaders have a trailblazer mindset. That’s why we encourage learning, improvement and curiosity within our own team and out. After all, that’s how revolutionary opportunities are identified and explored.

Driven to innovate

We’re a property technology company, so advancement and innovation is at the heart of our continuous development. We strive to adapt and rise up above all hurdles in our way. In fact, it’s a welcome challenge that presents opportunities of growth.

Get it done

A statement we live by everyday. Although we’re all about fun, we have hosts and guests that place their trust in Spacenow delivering exceptional service, and we take that very seriously. Our Space Specialists are expected to conquer adverse circumstances and perform above and beyond to make sure that happens.

Anywhere is possible