Published February 08, 2022

The Rise of Project Spaces: It’s Time To Be Agile


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Are you ready for the new working norm? Businesses have discovered how pivotal flexibility is the key to success as they’ve navigated their way through recent volatile times. Basically, having the ability to quickly adapt in the face of contingent circumstances is essential to driving growth and consistently fostering employee culture and performance.

At Spacenow, we’ve been investigating the changes and trends in the market closely. We put together an informative and insightful e-guide that details what project spaces are. Latest industry trends, health & hygiene measures being regulated, and the overall benefits are all covered. The team at Spacenow have also included a helpful checklist to help in your search for project spaces! So, take a quick look at what we’ve got for you below.

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On-Demand Work is In Demand!

Employees crave flexibility. It’s no longer seen as something nice to have, but rather, a necessity when it comes to work benefits. This is especially true when it comes to millennials.  Take AirTasker as an example. Their employees don’t get paid for sitting idle waiting for a job to pop up. They’re paid based on the on-demand need for their specialised service.  In this way, workers have the power in choosing when, where and how they want to work. The notion is the same when it comes to a corporate context. In fact, a Deloitte study found that flexible working arrangements support greater productivity and employee engagement, all whilst enhancing personal well-being, health and happiness. Another study discovered that more than three in four Australians agree that working from home will now be the new normal.