How Remote Working Could Benefit Your Business

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Technology has dramatically shaped the way people work. Meetings no longer need to be held in person with video conferences, convenience and efficiency in work is increased with online communication tools, and the ability to share and work on the same documents drives teamwork. Such technology has enabled the streamlining of workflow, making it the first step towards embracing a future way of remote work. We know you might be worried about a few things. What if my employees don’t actually get any work done? Will there be delays in communication? What if having people working remotely disrupts the office dynamic and overall company culture? Well we’re here ease your doubts. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of remote working Sydney and what it could bring to your business.


The biggest concern for employers is often the idea that workers might slack off the minute they choose to remotely work. The good news for you is that research has busted that theory. A study showed that employee productivity actually increases by 77%, and interestingly, that 52% were less likely to take time off if they were working remotely, even when sick. Now that’s one way to have some hard-working employees.


With new and improved tech, it’s never been easier to communicate remotely. There are numerous different types of online platforms to help bridge the physical gap. One of the most popular tools include Slack, which facilitates conversation between team members in channels. Google Drive aids in collaboration between workers and allows for efficiency. There’s also Asana, a web and mobile application that helps organise, track and manage work across the team. Specifically for remote work, TeamViewer also exists. The greatest thing about these services is that they’re all free to use.

Larger talent pool

Being open to remote workers also means you’re opening your business up to unique talent all over the world. Research has also shown that remote work increases employee retention by 10%. With no limits on who you can hire, you can have a larger talent pool that could be key to the success of your organisation, and who’ll remain with you for longer.

Reduce your costs

One of the best perks of having remote employees is that you can save a lot of money. Not only are your savings increased because of better employee productivity, your overhead costs are cut. Having workers outside the office means less money spent on furniture, rent, and other utilities. Even if you have to invest in technology and equipment for your remote workers to have them equipped from home, these overhead costs drastically decrease over time. You’ll be saving as you go.

Healthier Employees

Remote work empowers your employees. Having flexibility and command over their own workload doesn’t only mean they’ll be more productive, it strengthens trust and guarantees employee satisfaction. With a better work life balance, your workers are going to be less stressed and healthier overall. We can guarantee you’ll have less employees calling up and chucking that sickie on a Monday morning.

We can help

To make sure productivity is at its best, you need the right space. Whether you’re looking to hire a boardroom for an offsite with your whole team, or you’re a remote employee yourself that’s looking for a collaborative coworking space to get work done, Spacenow has a spot for you. With endless options in desk hire, meeting rooms, office spaces and coworking, we have no doubt that we will find the perfect space for you to reap the benefits of remote working . Check remote working Sydney options out now at Spacenow.