Published February 07, 2022

Your guide to renting alternative spaces


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Whilst coworking and hot desks may be the most commonly available type of space currently on the market, there are also a multitude of other spaces that are not office-related. We have over twenty-five different categories of space including fitness studios, recording studios, warehouse and storage spaces, commercial kitchens, event spaces, medical spaces, and much more. Each of these alternate spaces has its own factors to consider, unique to that field or industry. Here is your complete user guide to rent alternative space, so that you don’t lose out or face unexpected obstacles. 

Instead of using a commercial space database to find one of these alternative spaces, you can reduce your search time and opt to rent alternative space. Increase the likelihood of finding the right space for you with our user-friendly search system. Our advanced search with filters for the exact category of space (fitness studio, commercial kitchen, warehouse) allows you to filter down your search results immediately, to show you only spaces relevant to you and your needs. 

The filters on our search function allow you to select the category of alternative space that you’re after. These include: event, function centre, studio, retail, pop-up retail, kitchen, hospitality, yoga and pilates, fitness, music studio, medical and consulting, remedial and sports injury, car park, storage, warehouse, industrial, markets and stalls, unique workspace, and wedding venues. You can also select multiple categories at once, and filter down the location settings, and amenities within the space that you require. These search options are made to be tailored around your specific needs.


The process behind organising an event or function is often stressful, as everything has to be perfect (or as close to it as possible), and there are usually mishaps and unexpected obstacles. Choosing a venue for the event is one of the most important aspects of the entire process, as it can make or break the event. And if you’re after a more luxe event space, we have specialised function centres, like this one. 


  • The type of event you are hosting 
  • Is it a formal or gala dinner? An awards night? Or a more casual celebration? This will impact the size of the space you need.
  • The capacity of the space
  • How many guests can the space fit – comfortably? Are they going to be moving through the space during the event, or seated the whole time?
  • The features included in the space
  • Is there an in-built stage, or will you need to bring your own podium, etc? Are there speakers installed? Does the space come with catering? If so, can you make adjustments to the menu? 
  • Is the space adaptable to guests like children, the elderly, or the disabled?


Studios are one of the best creative spaces to work from. We offer multi-purpose creative studios and specialised music studios built for recording and rehearsal purposes. We understand that flexibility is everything in creative industries, so the rental options allow you to hire a studio for as little as an hour.


  • The capacity of the studio 
  • How many people can it accommodate at a time? Is there ample room for equipment, materials, etc?
  • Logistics of the space
  • What is the ceiling height? Is there nearby parking to transport materials? 


When it comes to retail, we have the option for you to rent alternative space. We offer both permanent retail spaces and pop-ups. 


  • Visibility
  • Is the shop front visible from the street? Or is it hidden or obstructed? 
  • Foot traffic
  • Does the street receive a lot of foot traffic? If so, at what times? This will impact your opening hours and determine your busy peak periods.
  • Parking 
  • Is there nearby parking for customers? Can delivery trucks access it too?
  • Area demographics
  • What about the overall area? Is it a family-oriented neighbourhood, or more busy city life? Depending on the nature of your business, these could be potentially fantastic or fatal for your store. 
  • Expansion, renewal, exit options
  • Does the store next door have a long-term lease or are they a potential area you can expand to? Are you able to renew your lease? And is there some sort of exit plan to end the lease early if things don’t go to plan?
  • Features of the space
  • Is there room for floor merchandise, fixtures, fit-outs, staff, and a backroom? Or will you need an off site space too? 
  • Accessibility
  • Can customers easily access the space? Once inside, is there enough space to accommodate customers comfortably, especially during peak periods?


If you’re after a commercial hospitality space, there are different kitchen spaces that can accommodate a whole host of needs, from large dining spaces to compact cafes. 


  • Power capabilities
  • Does the space offer a greater power source? Or is there a potential risk of blowing fuses and transformers?
  • Seating
  • Will customers be seated indoors or outdoors? Is there enough seating to accommodate customers during peak times?
  • Features
  • What hospitality-specific amenities come with the space? Is there a fridge? Freezer? Cooking appliances?


Similar to a studio space, yoga, pilates, and fitness spaces on Spacenow are all available for hourly rental, which might suit you if you run an hourly fitness class. 


  • Features 
  • The features you need in the space will of course depend on the nature of your industry but you can think about:
  • Are there full length mirrors? Is the floor carpeted and cushioned? What about the lighting?


It’s just as crucial to have the right features in a medical or consulting space. 


  • Is there a separate waiting room? And a private room for seeing patients?
  • If not, is there at least a reception-type area that you can transform into a waiting room?
  • Is there industry-specific equipment already installed? Think: sinks, treatment bed(s), hot towel cabinets, etc


With this type of space, not only do you get a space to work from, you also have an area to store items. Depending on the nature of your business and your needs, your use of a warehouse space will vary. Potential uses include: storage, manufacture of goods, stockroom of goods, or both storage and manufacture of goods. 


  • Size
  • Depending on the nature of your business and its products, the size of the storage or warehouse space you need will vary drastically.
  • Functionality
  • Think about practical and safety features, like reinforced floors and high ceilings; or cost-oriented features, such as high volume power sources. 
  • Accessibility
  • For suppliers, deliveries, and clients
  • Legal issues
  • Again, depending on the nature of your industry, these may or may not be relevant. Zoning is a real issue to consider if your business operates with potentially hazardous materials. 

No matter which alternative space you’re renting, it’s always important to communicate with your host before making any changes to the space. Some spaces are strictly non-customizable, and you need to respect the host’s wishes. 

Now that you know what to consider when you want to rent alternative space, try out our search filters and browse our vast range of spaces!