Response to Covid-19

If you are reading us…

First and foremost, our team here at Spacenow would like to extend our sympathies to any individuals and businesses that have been affected, both personally or professionally, because of COVID-19.

Nothing could have prepared anyone for the unprecedented changes that’s hit the corporate world. It’s posed many challenges for workers globally, including us. We’re in a virtual age where coming together to support each other, our clients and the wider community is vital. As a local startup, Spacenow is committed to making the right, respectful and informed decisions to make sure we’re doing the best we can with our service to you.

Many businesses have had to pivot their sights to long-term strategies as more focus is being put on the health and wellbeing of people. As many prepare to embrace a sense of normality again and make their return dining out or working from an office, Spacenow is working to ensure all qualms regarding the safety and hygiene of spaces are settled. We’d like for all our partners and clients to be in touch and let us know of the extra measures being undertaken in addition to any risks or concerns regarding space rentals.
It’s time for us to be equipped to evolve; together.

We are openly communicating with our clients and hosts, so if there are any questions you may have, feel free to contact your space specialist to get more information.