Published February 08, 2022

Spacenow X Anna Quan: A Successful Pop Up!


Written by Daniel Gunning

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We’re proud to have facilitated a successful pop up space for Anna Quan.

Pop ups are a win-win situation. They help brands generate buzz and marketing through short term, flexible leases. Landlords also benefit because they get to fill vacant spaces and gain immediate revenue through short term rent. At the same time, increased foot traffic and marketing from the pop up may also boost property value.

We went and visited the pop up that we helped bring to life! Take a look at some snapshots we got (our new outfits not pictured).

Pop Up Activation
Anna Quan Sample Sale

Walk through Anna Quan Pop Up Space

Here’s some tips from us on activating your own pop up space!

  • Plan ahead! Do you want to increase brand awareness? Increase sales? Attract new customers? Or all of the above? Know what your goals are and set a budget based on them. You will be more successful this way.
  • This is the time to not be stingy with your money when it comes to marketing. It’s important for your space to be clean, polished and of high quality. It will be a direct reflection of your brand.
  • Make sure your pop up is in a high foot traffic area. It also helps if there are nearby businesses that are relevant to the experience you are creating, or compliment what you are providing.
  • PR will be crucial. Whether you have staff handing out flyers on the day, or you get in touch with local newspapers, make sure to get the word out in the local community. Having a launch event is a great way to attract customers too.
  • Make sure there is a clear call to action, and that your pop up space is expressing that physically.