Published February 08, 2022

Exciting New Changes: Times Are Changing, So We Did Too


Written by Daniel Gunning

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You may have noticed already, but there have been some exciting new changes to the Spacenow website! Our team has worked hard to make some important alterations that will both help our hosts market their top flexible spaces better, and make it easier for guests to find exactly what they need. 

Some of our changes include:


#birthdays? #meetingroom? #creativespace? Hosts- you’ll be able to choose the applicable tags for your listing! For our guests, this means it’s easier for you when you’re searching and filtering for specific space. 

Spacenow Concierge

A concierge service number will be on space listings next to a unique Space ID. This way, guests directly specify this number to a Space Specialist when booking, making the process quicker and easier.

Floor Plan

This is a great new feature that supplies your guests with a clear visual representation of the room layout. 

Variable Pricing Tool

Guests can instantly switch between different pricing measurements such as ‘Minimum Spend’, ‘Venue Hire’, ‘Per Head’, ‘Per Hour’ and more to easily understand variable pricing in accordance with their budgets. 

Health and Safety

Hosts have the option of adding new Health and Safety procedures to their listing. It’s more comforting knowing what measures the space is taking especially during this time.

Showcase Flexibility

Cater for events varying from corporate functions to cocktail parties? Maybe your private dining room works as a meeting space too? Let your potential guests know!  


This is different for each category, but your space’s highlights will be displayed here, such as capacity and minimum term.

These are just some of the awesome new things we’ve developed. Cool right?

If you want to see what we’ve done for top flexible spaces and what has changed specifically for each category, you can click any one of these to see an informational deck; flexible workspaceisolated workspaceeventspop upsmeetingsghost kitchens and creative space.  

We’ve been featured in an article for adapting to these recent times! Take a sneak speak of it here:

Due to Covid, more Australian businesses are looking for alternatives to costly, long-term commercial workspaces, opting instead for short-term and flexible office space options closer to home.

With remote working becoming the new norm, many co-working space providers are seeing a massive surge in demand – from large corporations and SMBs, to start-ups, and sole traders, and everything in between.

One such company is Spacenow. Since March this year, it’s recorded a more than 290 per cent increase in new customers, and a 550 per cent-plus increase in enquiries from across the country’s existing client base.

“We saw a growing need for more flexible and short-term options, so we wanted to bring more convenience and flexibility to businesses to help them save money by moving away from very expensive long-term leases,” Spacenow chief executive officer and co-founder Daniel Gunning said.

“This is how the idea of Spacenow came about, and why we decided to create a marketplace that could help businesses easily find options to rent out a wide range of commercial spaces by the hour, day, week or month.”

According to Gunning, Covid has accelerated this trend, which is why Spacenow has worked hard to expand their reach and offering, while also ensuring that their premises are Covid-safe for all its clients.

“Hygiene and safety has always been at the forefront of our priorities and built-in to our services. Covid has heightened this focus on hygiene and safety as we want to ensure that businesses work in places that are Covid-safe,” Mr Gunning added.

We’re here to make sure your top flexible spaces are as bookable as can be!