Published February 07, 2022

How a well designed meeting room can cultivate collaborative learning


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Meetings are beginning to look very different. Long gone are the days of scheduling and booking a formal meeting in that sombre, dull room with the long table and one whiteboard. Instead, more and more businesses are now in support of collaborative meeting spaces. They’re built and designed to support learning and innovation. There are many serviced meeting rooms Sydney and elsewhere that have nailed it. Here’s how they do it.

Stay Connected

The changing spaces and ways of meeting are being supported and shaped by the use of collaborative technology. Having the right tools, such as large format displays, webcam, speakers and instant connectivity is pivotal in making sure that meetings can run more smoothly. The Cube in Melbourne is a meeting room which offers the perks of easy sharing and connectivity. With streamline AV and a large flat screen screen display, there is efficient access to presenting data and reaping the benefits of visual aids. Needless to say, more traditional tools like whiteboards still have their place in pushing ideas and creativity! As long as every worker has clear vision and easy contact with everything, the meeting will move seamlessly.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of the room itself is vital to instigating a meeting fuelled by inspiration and open thinking. Having a simple, clean layout with open space and round tables to promote collaboration is ideal. Make sure the room is aesthetically pleasing and interesting. It makes it more welcoming to stimulate creativity. This space in Brisbane’s CBD is white, fresh, light filled and open. There is minimal clutter to eliminate any distractions, and the large windows fill the room with natural light, keeping everyone revitalised. The Classroom in Perth takes a more trendy approach. Home to a one of a kind mural painted by a local artist, and a round table seating up to twelve people, collaborative learning is undoubtedly going to flourish. Either way, make it a space everyone is excited to come into.

The Smaller the Better

It is extremely important to maintain visual contact in order to allow for the learning and sharing of ideas. In this case, businesses are realising the importance of smaller meeting rooms. Their ability to promote more contact in a an adaptable and comfortable space is key. Having a cosy meeting room will create a more relaxing atmosphere, sparking open conversations. This room in Bondi is the perfect huddle space for a maximum of three people. It’s design is inviting and more like a cafe space than a meeting room, bringing a more friendly feel to keep that important discussion going! These types of spaces will invite more feelings of intimacy and closeness into a meeting which large, conference rooms lose out on.

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