Published February 08, 2022

Boss Moves: How the Top Venues on Spacenow are Attracting and Retaining their Customers


Written by Daniel Gunning

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So you’ve got a unique event space listed on Spacenow that’s new, trendy, and cool. You think it’s a pretty great space and people have told you so too. So why aren’t the bookings flooding in?

The event space is a very competitive market. Specifically, in areas like Sydney and Melbourne, you have an abundance of venues that operate and market to the masses and niches. You’ll need to get the upper hand and know how to attract and retain customers. Lucky for you, we’re ready to spill some trade secrets that we know work to guarantee those bookings.

Response Time

First and foremost, you need to be on call. When an enquiry comes through, you want to make sure you follow up almost instantly with the individual so you’ll ensure they won’t go anywhere else. As a business, you should strive for a response time between 15 minutes to an hour at max. This way, you can show them you’re attentive, interested, and genuine in wanting to help them out.

Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice doesn’t just refer to the welcoming, super nice, and eager to help voice you put on the phone when helping a customer. You’ll want to shape your company’s tone in the writing aspect too. After all, potential customers will read your content about your listing before making the decision to enquire. You need to figure out what your brand’s voice will be. Whether you want to be very formal or more casual, have a sense of humour or be more classy, it’s up to you to decide what the best way of communication is for your target market.


Here’s a really important one. You want to be presenting the best version of your space and brand when it comes to listing your venue. That also applies to the quality of your imagery. Nobody enjoys looking at photos with bad lighting shot on an iPhone 5s. Take time to get professional photography taken to highlight the best aspects of your space. After all, spaces with the HD pictures, bright lighting, colours and aesthetic are what prove to do best. Basically, show the best the customer can get! You want your page to look unique amongst the hundred other tabs they have open.

Have you put the time and effort into excelling at these? Maybe it’s time for a quick review of your listing profile and customer service approach. Head on over to your unique event space on and get fixing.