Published February 07, 2022

All you need to know about theatre style conference rooms


Written by Daniel Gunning

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You’ve put in the hard work researching and calling up venue spaces for your next important meeting. Now that you’re happy with what you’ve chosen, you need to figure out the room layout and seating plan for your unique meeting rooms Sydney. There are numerous to choose from, and we’re here to tell you all about the theatre or auditorium style of setup.

What is it?

A theatre setup is one of the simplest. It’s a go to style for many company meetings for a range of reasons. Reflective of its name, the layout is much like a movie theatre or cinema. With consecutive, straight row of chairs all lined up to face the front of the room. Usually, it’s divided in the centre for ease in accessing seating and better flow of the room.

What’s it best for?

This auditorium or theatre style of seating will work best for when you need to house maximum capacity in the space you have. Organisations will opt for this style of seating for annual general meetings, mass meetings and product launches as examples. It’s a style of space that you can choose if minimal note taking and interaction between individuals is needed. It’s also the best style in conference set ups if you have guest speakers presenting too. Questions can be taken and answered in a Q&A style form. If you need to visualise this, think of something like a TedTalk conference.

Importance of seating layout

It’s vital that you choose a seating layout that will best reflect the flow of the meeting that you desire to have. This type of setup is unique in numerous ways. It calls only for one way of sharing knowledge. All the seats are faced forward towards the main stage where speakers can present and share audio and visual content. If you need to get a chunk of information across to a large group of people, this is where you should be looking. Attention is always focussed to the main speakers. If you want attendees of your meeting to network and converse throughout the event, this style of seating will not be the one for you. Hence, it’s crucial to understand how seating at your next meeting can influence the whole vibe of the event.

We can help

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