Published February 07, 2022

5 reasons you should make use of your vacant space


Written by Daniel Gunning

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Do you have a spare room? Or own a commercial vacant space you don’t currently use? Instead of leaving it idle and gathering dust (and cobwebs in the corners), take the opportunity to join the shared economy and make use of your vacant space by renting it out on Spacenow. You need to profit from your free space! Here are five reasons why you should make use of your vacant space.

Earn some passive income on your vacant space

Who doesn’t want some extra money? Especially when you don’t even have to lift a finger to earn it. Earning some passive income from items you already own but don’t use is one of the best ways to generate supplementary income. All you have to do is list your vacant space on our website, provide some aesthetic images of it, choose the dates you do and don’t want guests booking it, and set your price. We do everything else, to ensure that as soon as a guest books your space, you get your money instantly. 

Give someone else much-needed space

Always wanted to help others but not in a volunteering/soup-kitchen way? You can benefit others by giving them the space they need, without doing a thing! It’s no secret that owning commercial real estate (or any property for that matter) has become astronomically expensive in recent times. By offering your unused space to those who need it, you get some extra cash, and they get a marginally more affordable space to work from. It’s a win-win!

Join in the shared economy & community 

The shared economy is definitely all it’s cracked up to be, and not just an industry buzzword. By becoming part of this movement, you have the opportunity to network with others, but more importantly, can share your resources together. You may have already joined the sharing economy by using a service like Uber, but you can also be a resource provider and list your vacant spare to share. By doing so, you’ll also be joining the Spacenow community, which has a whole host of benefits. You get to network with like-minded individuals, receive the latest news regarding commercial real estate, and become a valued member of a thriving and growing community.

Cut down on things just collecting dust/things you just aren’t using

Minimalism is in, and hoarding is out. Even if you may need your spare space from time to time, you can still rent it out, and simply select the dates guests cannot book it. Our flexible booking system allows guests to book a space for as little as an hour, so you don’t even need to plan in advance which days to block off. Plus, cutting down on the things we simply aren’t using is cathartic – like doing a big spring clean!

Meet new people

Each guest who books your space is a new individual that you have the opportunity to network with. Especially if your space is a bit more niche, these may be individuals who are in the same line of work as you. If you’re renting out a creative studio, most likely your guests will also be creative individuals, freelancers, or hobbyists who share the same passions. 

Now that you have five reasons for renting out your vacant space, what are you waiting for?! Profit from your free space. Join the Spacenow community by listing your space space with us today.