Published October 28, 2022

Benefits of Listing with Spacenow


Written by Samuel Howes

Member since Sep 6
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Free to List

One of the main benefits of Spacenow is the freedom to list your space at no upfront cost. Spacenow only charges a 10% commission on bookings made through our website. Rest assured that no money will go to waste when listing with Spacenow. Our team ensures your listing gets up smoothly. The team can set you up with an account and explain how to access your listing all free of charge. A Spacenow account gives you the freedom to edit, remove and add listings with ease. Our team will always be available to help with any difficulties. We have a massive range of spaces for rent on our website. A space to cater for any type of event since so many list with us due to our commission deal.

Recycle Your Space

Another benefit of listing on Spacenow is that your space will not sit idle while you are not using it. This helps in keeping profits up and you maximise the use of the space, it's a win-win for business owners. It's a sustainable model for utilising space that otherwise would be left empty. Spacenow makes it hassle-free to fill your space on the short term, specify the availability of your space when listing.

Committed Team

The team at Spacenow can be reached at or (02) 9310 9210. We are always available to assist you with anything Spacenow free of charge. The team can assist with listing your space, editing your listing, enquiries, bookings and promoting your space all to your benefit. We have specialised team members for the different categories on our website. These specialised team members will work with you closely on ensuring that everything to do with your listing is up to speed. The Spacefinders are a part of our committed team you can read more about the specialised service that the Spacefinders team provide to certain customers below.
Read more about the Spacefinders.


Whether you've just started a business, starting a business or own an established business Spacenow helps you gain traction. We do this by promoting your space to help you achieve your goals. Spacenow creates exposure for your brand. This comes from your listing on our website, social media posts on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Tik Tok and Twitter. Email campaigns featuring your space are sent out out to our extensive segmented contact database. Getting your space out there is as easy as providing us with HD images, and space details. Below you can see an example of the type of quality content that we can put together for our hosts. Spacenow understands that quality content helps sell spaces. The company may post the images you provide us. The team may also ask you permission to visit your space and create an amazing video for our socials.